Avert the Flood…

Metaphysical Flood Myth
There may be no galoshes big enough… Artwork by Adi Holzer…

There will be a great loss of learning before the moon’s full cycle is completed. Fire and floods will be fomented by ignorant rulers; much time will go by before it is rectified.” – Nostradamus

[The following is a bit of musing “inspired” by the general state of my home nation (the United States of America), the general state of the world, and even more specifically, by the hate-fueled events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend…]

A few years ago, I wrote a post HERE about how the name “Deucalion” appeared in my consciousness from out of nowhere, not once, but twice, in two seemingly unrelated incidents, and both within a two-day period. This bit of synchronicity led me to research the name, because even though I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology, I couldn’t remember the details of Deucalion’s specific story…

Turns out, Deucalion is kind of like a classical Greek variant of the Bible’s Noah myth. That is, both men learn of an impending, world-scrubbing flood, and they both manage to take refuge in a craft made of wood, floating above the flood-waters until the deluge is done. Then they and their few fellow survivors are able to accomplish the great task of repopulating the now cleansed Earth, hopefully with the successor generations of humans proving to be made of finer and nobler stuff than the disappointing riffraff that preceded them.

And Deucalion and Noah are hardly alone as brave weatherers of grave weather… Check out this snippet from the Wikipedia page titled “Flood Myth”: “The flood myth motif is found among many cultures as seen in the Mesopotamian flood stories, Deucalion in Greek mythology, the Genesis flood narrative, Manu in Hinduism, Bergelmir in Norse Mythology, in the lore of the K’iche’ and Maya peoples in Mesoamerica, the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa tribe of Native Americans in North America, the Muisca, and Cañari Confederation, in South America, and the Aboriginal tribes in southern Australia.

So it’s interesting to consider the fact that societies drawn from almost every major continent on the planet have embraced a version of the flood myth. The tale clearly speaks to a lot of different kinds of people in different places and in different time periods. Maybe there’s something in the general human consciousness that will always see value in pondering the notion of divine retribution on this kind of scale.

Or maybe it once really even happened.

Or maybe…just maybe…humans mythologize this “great flood” concept not because it already did occur…but because it will. Maybe the next Great Flood is headed our way, like a long-deferred bill that’s finally coming due…?

Metaphysical Flood Myth
We may be in for some nasty weather… Artwork by Gregor Perušek

But to be clear, I don’t necessarily mean that in the literal sense. Yes, sure, anyone who’s paying even a slight bit of attention these days could pretty easily make a case for the possibility that global warming and other assorted climate change factors are working toward the onset of a literal Great Flood…but maybe the idea can also be taken on the non-literal, more figurative or symbolic plane…

Here’s something I’d written in that earlier article on Deucalion:

In occult thought, water is often a signifier of things like dreams, the collective unconscious, illusions, and psychic phenomena.

I still stand by that summary, and I’d throw in a few more Water-centric concepts such as the emotions, compassion, intuition, and the subconscious layers of our minds.

So the question becomes this: Are we milling about on the landing strip for an already onrushing Flood that’s due to hit us all across the Water Element plane of existence? Are we about to be treated to a sort of psychic tidal wave that’s meant to wipe clean our species-consciousness?

I don’t know exactly what that might look like in terms of actual, practical details…but it does definitely feel like something is bearing down on us. In my own admittedly liberal viewpoint, we do live in an age that’s characterized by Nostradamus’ “great loss of learning” and by a well-stocked variety-pack of highly “ignorant rulers.” I can see why real, cosmic-level Powers That Be might decide that this iteration of humanity has gone too far down a corrupt and degraded road to be trusted to save itself, and therefore why a push of the big “reset” button might be in order at this time.

And so maybe it’s not a literal flood that will be appearing here on the physical plane that we need to contemplate and gear up for…maybe instead we’re in danger of being washed away by a tsunami of emotional, spiritual, and psychic “Water” that we’ve called down upon our own heads by continuing to fall so tragically far short of who and what we should be.

Look again at the Wikipedia quote above, and notice how many cultures took up the notion of a Great Flood…and then consider how many different predictions are also out there warning us of a massive rollover in Ages or Aeons all taking place at roughly this time in our development. You can find such views having been put forth by people and fields such as Nostradamus himself, the Mayans, Aleister Crowley, the discipline of Astrology (“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…”), the current “Ascension” movement, and arguably the Book of Revelation (depending on how you interpret some of the language).

So if all of those flood myths and all of those dire predictions about tectonic plates of Time shifting us from one great Age to another are on the mark, then hopefully it’s not too late to save ourselves. We may “only” be looking at a symbolic storm rather than a physical one, but symbols can be every bit as deadly as any material force. Just check out the swastika for a quick refresher course.

We can do better. We can be better. We need to change, and avert the Flood…

Shamanic Meditation…

Amazon River
The Amazon River – welcome to Peru!

Just over two years ago now, a few friends and I flew from Los Angeles to Iquitos, Peru, to work with a native shaman and his apprentices there. We spent a total of 10 days at the shaman’s compound, called Selva Madre, basking in the unique environment of the tropical rainforest, and engaging in four Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Obviously, I can’t somehow transmit the full Ayahuasca experience to you through a simple blog post, but I can offer up a bit of it for you to make use of on your own…

See, during the ceremonies, there are certain key components without which the ceremony might not be nearly as effective.

For example, we always joined the shaman in a large, circular hut that he and his people referred to as simply, “The Temple” (other people engaging in similar ceremonies use the term moloka to refer to their venue, but I never heard our shaman – Don Lucho – use that particular word). The setting is a critical part of the proceedings, and The Temple felt like a holy place.

Don Lucho also employed mapacho smoke as a ceremonial element, which is a common practice in rituals of this nature. This is a variety of tobacco indigenous to the rainforest environment. Bursts of this smoke punctuated the events, and added to the otherworldly air.

And then there were the icaros… These are sacred songs that shamans and their apprentices sing during the ceremonies to shape the experience for its participants. The icaros involve a combination of actual singing, whistling, and the rhythmic shaking of special leaf-rattles called chakapas. The results can be extremely hypnotic.

Selva Madre in Iquitos, Peru - Ayahuasca retreat
Selva Madre at dusk…

And through the wonders of modern technology, the icaros can also be shared outside of actual Peruvian ceremonies! Don Lucho has graciously allowed several of his ritual performances of these icaros to be recorded and posted at the Selva Madre website. I listen to them sometimes to enhance meditation, and they can be tremendously effective.

I can also say for the official record that while none of the posted recordings were made during ceremonies that I personally attended, some of them are renditions of icaros that I did specifically experience, and the others are very similar in overall feel. In other words: these are authentic examples of what real shamans offer in real Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Even without ever having experienced such a ceremony, you might still get a lot of benefit from playing some of these icaros while sitting in meditation. You can access them at the SELVA MADRE WEBSITE.


Past Life Astrology Readings Now Available!

Tarot Fool symbolizing Reincarnation and Karma in Astrology

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you feel that we live not just one life, but a whole series of them?

Does our consciousness continue to jump back into the material world in a succession of temporary physical vessels so that we can learn lessons, face challenges, and evolve onward…?

Your birth chart actually holds clues as to the kind of person you may have been in an important past life, and what might have happened to you in that other existence…and a good reading can put you in touch with those past life facts.

An even better reading can also offer insight into how you can best move forward from here, processing and releasing old karmic patterns that are holding you back from the development that you came here to accomplish.

Find out who you were there and then, so you can do your best work here and now…


What Is the Lionsgate Portal…?

Lionsgate Portal Astrology

If you cruise the more metaphysically-minded corners of the internet, you may have recently been stumbling across references to something known as the Lionsgate Portal (or Lion’s Gate, depending on sources).

This refers to an annual phenomenon in which believers say that our own Sun lines up in a profoundly beneficial way with the star Sirius and with the Galactic Center. A powerful sort of “portal” opens during this event, allowing for us humans here on Earth to be on the receiving end of some serious cosmic downloads.

Numerologists interested in the Lionsgate Portal are especially keen on this year’s iteration of it, as this one happens on August 8, 2017…or if you break that down into numerical shorthand, 8/8/17. Take that one step further by adding the digits of the “17” portion, and you get: 8/8/1+7 → 8/8/8. Repeating numbers are often viewed as having especially deep implications, and are associated with such entities as Angels…

So let’s look at the component parts that make up this Lionsgate:

Lionsgate Portal AstrologyFirst, closest to home, we have our own Sun. Good old Sol is obviously the source of all life here on Earth: we wouldn’t have come into being without it, and we wouldn’t last more than a few seconds if it were to suddenly wink out of existence.

In Astrology, the Sun represents the very core of our own selves, without which nothing else could cohere, and thereby build up this thing that we call a “personality” or “persona.” So this point of the Lionsgate triad nails down our earthly selves as part of the equation.

Next, we have Sirius. The brightest star in our nighttime sky, Sirius is referred to as the Dog Star due to its presence in the constellation Canis Major…which means “Greater Dog.” Sirius has been important to such revered cultures as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

Anubis Astrology
Will the Lionsgate Portal open a direct line to Anubis or one of his fellow Deities for you…?

The Egyptians connected the star with several of their Deities, including Isis, Osiris, and Anubis. The yearly flooding of the Nile coincided with Sirius’ reappearance in the pre-dawn sky after a protracted absence, and so gained connotations having to do with rebirth and rejuvenation. For astrologers who include stars in their work, Sirius is believed to grant fame, glory, and wealth when placed favorably in a person’s birth chart.

In the Lionsgate configuration, then, Sirius represents a connection not just to the Divine in general, but also to connections with specific celestial guide-figures, and with concepts of renewal.

Finally, there’s the Galactic Center (“GC”). This is the very center of our own Milky Way Galaxy, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the GC is to our Sun, as our Sun is to us. That is, just as Sol is the center of our own local star system, the GC is the central point of the next higher system in scale. We orbit the Sun, and the Sun orbits the GC. In terms of the Lionsgate Portal, then, the GC is the symbol that ties us in to the fractal-like structure of reality, linking us with all the other levels, micro- and macro-, that lie adjacent to our own perceived “Universe.”

So all in all, the Lionsgate phenomenon signifies an interval during which we may have access to a flash of energy that bathes us in the combined concepts of our own individual selves, our connections to higher guide-forces, the concepts of rebirth and revitalization, and our sense of belonging to the vast, ineffable clockwork-mechanism of existence.

Interestingly, this year’s Lionsgate occurrence lands one day after the next upcoming lunar eclipse, which happens on August 7th, and it then serves as a lead-in of sorts to the highly anticipated total solar eclipse due to darken skies across North America on August 21st.

So will this Lionsgate event affect you, personally…? It’s always best to check out your own birth chart to address questions of this type. When the Portal is open, Sirius will be in its usual home in mid-Cancer, the Sun will be traversing mid-Leo, and the GC will be in its dwelling place in the last degrees of Sagittarius. Do you have any placements in these regions in your chart? Do you have any Planets or other powerful Points lying opposite or square to these “coordinates?” If so, then this may turn out to be a pretty momentous occasion for you.

Keeping a journal is highly recommended!

And one final note… The film and television entity known as Lionsgate Entertainment is not actually named after this Lionsgate Portal phenomenon. It takes its name instead from a local landmark bridge in Vancouver, Canada, where the company was formed…which bridge takes its name in turn from a pair of nearby mountains known as The Lions. But it’s kind of an odd coincidence that this media company should self-apply the same name that characterizes this particular phenomenon, and it should then become one of the most wildly successful media enterprises in existence…

Or are there no “coincidences”…? Maybe somebody should make a movie about this Lionsgate business…

How Do You Analyze Past Lives with Astrology?…Part 2

Past Lives and Karma in Astrology
“Lost in Space” – Image by Dmytro Ivashchenko, Ukraine

In Part 1 of this meditation on how to use Astrology to get glimpses into past lives and into a chart holder’s persistent karma, I used the chart of a real person to walk us all through a bit of Lunar Node Analysis. If you haven’t yet read the opening installment, you can READ IT HERE so as to get caught up…

I posted some disclaimer language in that piece, and it applies here, as well:

Disclaimer 1: Nothing in a chart happens in isolation. I would ideally be doing a full reading of this chart, and tying together everything that it says. I’d never just run down a person’s Nodal set-up, and then try to pass off my work as a complete package of birth chart analysis. This post is being offered only as a “How To” example of finishing off the back end of the Nodal Analysis procedure, though, so it shouldn’t be taken as the entirety of what a full birth chart analysis session would cover.

Disclaimer 2: I also always try to offer my own analytical work in the form of a dialogue with the chart holder, not a monologue. I often ask as many questions as I’m trying to answer. It’s never, “Hey, chart holder, this is you…” It’s generally more like, “The symbols here imply that you’re probably this…but it’s your life, so does this feel on point to you…?” Since this is a blog post, though, and not an actual chart analysis session, I can’t be interactive with the chart holder in question. Please keep that in mind!

So, okay, with the disclaimer-y stuff out of the way, let’s jump back into the Nodal analysis part…

In the last post, we analyzed the Moon’s South Node so as to get some sense of the chart holder’s past life self, and of their past life experiences that may have contributed to certain karmic patterns lingering on into this present lifetime.

And sure, it’s really important to get a feel for that past life business, and to see how it might feed old issues into a new lifetime. Identifying the problem is often the first step toward solving it, and all that.

But that’s really only the first half of the process. Understand the past, yes…but now we need to follow through, and examine the ways in which the same chart holder is wired for addressing that old, lingering karma, processing it, and eventually releasing it, so as to be able to get maximum evolutionary experience out of this present lifetime. In other words, we looked at the South Node to gaze into the past…and now we have to conclude things by looking toward the future. Where is the chart holder meant to be heading…?

For this second half of the analysis, we shift gears, and we now bring our focus onto the Moon’s North Node (which I’ll be abbreviating as “NN” from here forward, even as the South Node is also the “SN”).

The process is remarkably similar to the way in which we pondered the SN in the last article, except remember that when scoping out the past life and its associated karma via the SN, we need to look at the darkest interpretations of the Planets, Signs, and Houses involved. As we size up the future, though, as embodied in the NN, we want to look instead at the highest and finest possibilities offered by the symbols in question.

Keep in mind that the SN shows us things from past lives that we “got wrong” and that haunt us, and so in that part of the technique, it’s appropriate to focus on the more negative potentials. The NN, though, is a beacon that lights our way toward successful evolution. We make our progress here by chasing the most noble possibilities of the symbols. This is a very critical distinction to make and to follow!

Here are the steps in this NN portion of the analysis:

Karma and Past Lives in Astrology

Q: In this particular chart, what Sign and what House are the NN located in?

A: Gemini/H10

If we look at some of the standard characteristics attributed to the Sign of Gemini, and we think of these in the North Node context, it’s probably safe to assume that the chart holder here is being called on in this life to engage very regularly in open, heartfelt, selfless communication with many others. Variety will be important, and this work may feature a sort of highly kinetic energy.

Open-mindedness and childlike curiosity will also be key ingredients. Preaching in dogmatic fashion to others will likely not be especially helpful in making any real karmic progress, but getting a sense of where other people are coming from, listening to their side of things, and metaphorically taking a few strides in the shoes of those other people will.

The H10 contribution says that the chart holder will probably need to do all of this Geminian interfacing in a very public context, and probably as part of their life’s work, quite likely in a position of authority and leadership.

As this is NN business – “higher” expressions of symbols! – then being in the public eye is almost surely meant to enable other people at a distance to also take in the lessons being communicated, and should not be used for the chart holder’s personal gratification. Using others as props for feeding the chart holder’s own ego will not offer any karmic benefits, even if it might make the chart holder feel good in some fleeting, small-scale, limited sort of way.

Q: Do any Planets form conjunctions with the NN?

A: The Sun and Uranus

Planets conjunct the NN lend their energies very forcefully into the karmic brew, and speak to the kind of person the chart holder needs to be in order to move ahead with their spiritual evolution, and the kind of work they’re meant to do toward that end.

Here, we see that this chart holder needs to be Solar and Uranian, and to do work that’s of a similar nature. But what does that mean in plain conversational language…?

The Sun in Astrology is like the Sun up in the sky: it’s the center of its system, it radiates with an intensity so high that it can’t be ignored, and in its finer moments, it’s both life-giving and uplifting.

The chart holder, then, needs to be an inspirational figure in this lifetime if any karmic progress is to be made. This person needs to use any influence, power, and fame to grant energy and life-force to others.

Failure here will likely manifest as ego running rampant, and a perversion of opportunities, with possibilities for being an embodiment of light and hope being degraded into a meaningless quest for self-importance.

The Uranian influence adds a dimension of uniqueness, revolution, innovation, and a forward-looking air. The chart holder would do well to break with tradition and a conservative worldview, and to instead offer up some new, progressive approach that probably hasn’t yet been tried by the world at large.

Q: What Sign and House are the NN’s Planetary ruler located in?

A: Mercury rules Gemini, and this chart shows Mercury placed in Cancer in H11.

So now we can see that in addition to the higher expressions of Gemini, H10, the Sun, and Uranus, the chart holder will also need to work in some of the grander traits of Cancer and H11.

Cancer is widely regarded as being the most emotional, nurturing, and maternal of the Signs. The chart holder is therefore probably being tasked with the assignment of “mothering” and otherwise caring for others. It may be a part of this person’s calling to provide others with an abundance that they’re not able to secure for themselves.

Meanwhile, the Eleventh House is all about our experiences in the group context. H11 is where we find our own “tribes” and where we explore with them – that is, we seek out those people who may not be related to us by blood, but with whom we share some common interest or theme in life. H11 also carries a forward-looking undercurrent within itself, so it seeks change and development.

So it would appear that the chart holder will thrive in the karmic context by using the worldly power and public exposure they can gain in this lifetime as a launching pad for gracing large groups of people with benefits they might otherwise have missed out on.

Q: Are any Planets square or opposite the NN?

A: No squares here, but the Moon – in Sagittarius/H4 – is opposite the NN.

Lunar issues and concepts may therefore present some challenges to this chart holder in accomplishing helpful karmic work. The Moon in Astrology is our emotional core. It’s also just as associated as the Sign of Cancer is with the concept of motherhood. The Moon can represent our instincts, as well.

Adding these notions to our developing profile, it seems that this chart holder may be tripped up in their attempts at karmic evolution if they allow their emotions (and especially any “lower” expressions of these) to dominate their approach to life.

They may also fail in their karmic work if they reject the need to take on a maternal and caring role, even if that role is a more figurative one than a literal one.

Finally, there may be a need to make conscious effort to not become bored and restless too quickly with the necessary work (a possible Sagittarian pitfall), and to not become too tunnel-visioned on early childhood programming centered on notions of what a “home” should be (a potential danger of the H4 influence here).

Let’s sum up by first revisiting the hypothetical past life scenario that we’d cooked up for this chart holder in the previous post…

I theorized in that piece that this person may have been a woman in a past life who was born with the soul of a true Wanderer and Explorer…but being a beautiful woman in a restrictive, male-dominated society and/or religious backdrop, she was forced into a life of home-bound servitude, and was never able to experience the kind of wandering that her spirit required. Her life came to a sudden, shocking, unusual end, and this may well have happened in a public sort of manner.

All of this may have resulted in karmic patterns of this person in this lifetime craving power, despising anyone with less resources or might than they have, lusting after fame and attention, and taking a degrading view and approach toward women (especially those considered beautiful).

Unfinished bridge as metaphor for Karmic work in Astrology
Is the chart holder doing strong karmic work, or are they instead squandering their opportunities, and basically turning the karmic potential of this lifetime into a bridge that goes nowhere…?

Adding in our North Node analysis, we hit upon the idea that this person can perhaps enjoy some real success in releasing their lingering karma if they can manage to use any fame, power, and other resources they possess in this life to nurture large groups of people in a public way, thereby serving as a symbol of hope on a massive scale.

Best results will tumble out if all of this can be done in some new, unprecedented fashion that leads into highly progressive territory. The conservative approach won’t cut it.

The chart holder will face tests in this work from their own inner emotional landscape, and if emotions can’t be dealt with in a mature, selfless fashion, then this person’s karmic evolution may be greatly endangered.

So at the end of that previous post, I revealed that the chart holder in question is…Donald Trump.

I now leave you with these questions:

Does the analysis of Trump’s South Node and possible lingering karma feel like it’s on point, and like it’s something you can see at work in who and what he is now in this lifetime?

And given the North Node section of the analysis, would you say that Trump is doing a good job of learning his karmic lessons and moving forward in ways that stand as “higher expressions” of the astrological symbols catalogued above…? Or is he mired in lower expressions, and therefore failing in his karmic work…?

Get a PAST LIFE ASTROLOGY READING of your own unique birth chart by clicking HERE!

NOTE: Much of the above methodology hails from Steven Forrest’s excellent book, Yesterday’s Sky…

How Do You Analyze Past Lives With Astrology?

Veil Nebula symbolizing Past Life Karma in Astrology

Last week, I wrote a few articles about how astrologers use various techniques to track a person’s possible past life karma into and then back out of that person’s birth chart.

Astrologers are a wildly diverse bunch, and so there’s no consensus as to which indicators should be given the ultimate sway here. Depending on who you ask, you might find that people assess karma by analyzing Saturn, Twelfth House placements, retrograde Planets, intercepted Planets, Eighth House placements, and even the Asteroid Belt member called, fittingly enough, “Karma.”

The most commonly used method, though – and the one I’ve subscribed to as my own primary move in this particular arena – utilizes the Lunar Nodes as the chief indicators of a person’s karmic signature.

It’s possible to use the Nodes to understand both what the past life karma might be, and also how to go about processing it and clearing it for release so as to allow for some forward progress in this life. Without that release, past life karma can generate recurring patterns around us that hold us fast…and like great beasts caught in tar-pits, we then stick there, slowly drowning in our own stagnancy.

All of which makes this Node business sound like a pretty great methodology…but how do you go about actually doing it…?

South Node as indicator of Past Life Karma

I decided to post a sort of test run. Here we see a chart that we’ll use as our “How To” case study. It’s the chart of a real person, not something I made up.

Disclaimer 1: Nothing in a chart happens in a vacuum…so ideally, I’d be doing a full reading of this chart, and tying together everything it’s saying. I would never just run down a person’s Nodal set-up, and then try to pretend I’d given them the full scoop on what their entire chart is saying about them, and I don’t recommend that anyone else do that, either.

Disclaimer 2: I also always try to frame my own analytical work in the form of a dialogue with the chart holder, not a monologue. That is, I like to talk to the chart holder, and I often ask as many questions as I’m trying to answer. It’s never, “You are this way…” It’s generally more like, “The symbols here would kind of suggest that you’re probably this way…but does that actually hold true in your life as you experience it…?” Since this is a blog post, though, and not an actual chart analysis session, that kind of two-way conversation isn’t really a possibility here, so I’ll just be cranking through my points. Please keep the above disclaimer language in mind, though!

So okay, when I do this kind of Nodal/karmic analysis, I always start with the South Node (which I’ll be abbreviating from here forward as “SN” to save us all some time and space). Here’s how it plays out:

Q: In this particular chart, what Sign and what House are the SN located in?

A: Sagittarius/H4

Great. Now we need to look at the darker possible expressions of those symbols to see what past life karma might be dogging this chart holder’s steps into this life. The idea here is that the brighter expressions wouldn’t have led to things that would tend to haunt anyone – we got those things right, so other than the vaguest of fond remembrances, we almost surely let go of them when we pierced the existential veil at the end of that previous lifetime.

In other words: it’s the bad stuff that haunts us, not the good.

So what could be bad about bright, outgoing Sagittarius…? Well, like any of the Signs, this one has certain associations that, while not evil in and of themselves, can lead to some definite issues.

For example, Sagittarius is the Sign of the Explorer, the Wanderer…so maybe lack of a true home was a problem for this person in a past life. Or maybe a bad case of wanderlust coupled with some inability to follow through and actually go traveling was the thing that eventually broke this person’s spirit.

The same kind of analysis might hold true for higher education and vast fields of thought, which can also serve as lifeblood for the Sagittarian person: university level study and beyond, the law, philosophy… Maybe this person was made for that kind of study, but never had the opportunity to engage in it.

Also: religion. In times past, religion offered people hope in harsh and demanding eras…but it also served as a handy excuse for a multitude of gross injustices, from small-scale and personal, to far-reaching and global. Maybe the chart holder here suffered in a past life because the prevailing religion in that place and that time allowed for that to happen.

Q: Do any Planets form conjunctions with the SN?

A: The Moon

When any Planet is conjunct the SN, it’s often pretty good policy to see if it works to cast the chart holder’s former self as a sort of living embodiment of the Planet in question. If combative Mars is conjunct the SN, maybe that person was very martial in that past life, a true warrior. If spiritual Neptune is conjunct the SN, maybe the former self was a priest or a mystic.

Here, it’s the Moon that’s conjunct her own South Node. And I say “her” because the Moon is one of the few Planets that’s widely accepted as being strongly aligned with traits we generally think of as “feminine.” So while it can be risky to presume to dole out gender assignments based on Nodal analysis, a SN/Moon conjunction makes at least an arguable case for this past life self to have been a female.

Furthermore, the female in question may have been a mother, whether to her own literal children, or at least to other humans who depended on her for that motherly care. The Moon is often bound up with maternal symbolism…

And this maternal role goes hand in hand with the grimmer potentials of the Fourth House involvement here. H4 has often been referred to as the “House of Home.” It’s about our home life now, and also our early family experiences, including family-derived programming we may have received as youngsters…and “family” can refer to blood relatives, or to a broader group of people. Especially in bygone human eras, clans and tribes were common structures, and a person’s “family” might have numbered in the dozens, or even hundreds.

So the chart holder here may have been someone who greatly desired to visit exotic shores, but was chained up by the restrictions of motherhood and family obligation, and possibly the dictates of some religion or other, and was therefore never able to satisfy that need to grow and expand.

What if you had the soul of the Traveler, but you were confined to a kitchen, or a nursery, or a laundry room for your entire life? What would that do to you? Would you begin to resent the people and the systems that kept you penned up? Would you maybe start to desire some power and authority of your own, so that you could be the one getting to make all the decisions…?

Q: What Sign and House are the SN’s Planetary ruler located in?

A: Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and this chart shows Jupiter placed in Libra in H2.

The SN ruler adds some dimension to who this past life person was, and what they might have experienced. Again, you want to try to figure out how darker experiences with the symbols involved might have created lingering karma that would have been strong enough and negative enough to survive the passage across death’s bleak threshold.

This can be challenging when the symbols in question are as apparently happy and likable as Jupiter and Libra.

But circle back to the concepts we’ve begun storing up already: this might have been a woman shackled to a traditional, conservative life of service to a rigid family-based and maybe religious framework, her great urges toward seeing the world totally crushed by the existing paradigm.

Next, think about how Jupiter can enhance things, making them larger…and remember that Venus-ruled Libra can have associations with beauty. So what if this woman we’re envisioning was considered very desirable in her time, such that there would have been an endless parade of suitors eager to possess her (H2 has often been called the “House of Possessions!”).

Maybe she was also a part of the wealthier segment of her society – the Jupiter layer – so these various suitors would have had the power and connections to ensure that however their chase ended, at least one of them would eventually have this woman as their wife. She may have had no realistic escape route toward that life of nomadic adventure that she craved.

Now pull at that thread a bit… What would it do to you to be seen as a thing to be owned rather than as a person, simply because you were physically attractive? What would you think of beautiful people – and especially of beautiful women – in your next life if this had been you? Would they be objects of pity? Or would you maybe instead resent them for their beauty because they reminded you on some level of what you’d once been forced to endure?

What if you came back as a man? Would you then want to be extra-kind to beautiful women…or alternatively, would you maybe decide that in this lifetime, you would be the one doing the possessing of that beauty, and maybe even degrading it a bit if you were so inclined…?

Q: Are any Planets square or opposite the SN?

A: No squares here, but both the Sun and Uranus – both in Gemini/H10 – are opposite the SN.

This part of the analysis can tell us a lot about the challenges that the chart holder faced in the prior life we’re examining, and maybe what ended up ultimately doing her/him in. Squares often represent something over which the person arguably had some measure of control (even if the “choice” in question was as horrible as “Jump from this here cliff, or I’ll shoot you with my musket…”), while oppositions signify forces that couldn’t have been overcome no matter what the person might have tried.

Here, we have two placements of the latter variety. First, there’s the Sun – in these kinds of cases, the Sun can symbolize either a specific authority figure (probably a male one, although that’s not always necessarily true) or a governmental or other authoritative entity: the crown, the church, the army, that sort of thing.

And if a Sun-figure or -entity did you in, how would you feel about authority in the next life? Maybe you’d have an irrational fear of it, beyond anything that your present life experience could justify…or maybe you’d hunger for your own access to that kind of authority, valuing it above anything else you could imagine. Maybe you’d stop at nothing to be in charge, with no regard for the wellbeing of anyone your actions might impact. Maybe you’d respect and fear anyone who had more might than you, and you’d despise everyone else who had less…

Then what about Uranus? This is a Planet that represents the unexpected, the sudden unpredictable bolt of change-energy. The fact that it’s operating through a filter of Gemini only adds to the sense of quickness here. It could be that the former-life person in question came to a very sudden, shocking, and unforeseen end.

Given the H10 placements of these oppositional forces, there may even have been a public component to that end. An accident in the town square? A cataclysmic public punishment or humiliation, or even an execution that came without warning?

Any of these cases might lead to the chart holder having a loaded relationship in this life with being in the public eye. Maybe there’s a need to stay out of that kind of scrutiny, to lead a very private and unnoticed life this time around so as to avoid even the possibility of scandal or spectacle…or maybe the opposite scenario takes hold, and there’s a desperate craving for public approval…

This is all just speculation of course, although it’s speculation based on some pretty commonly accepted interpretations of the various astrological symbols that are involved here. Any combination of the bits of analysis listed above might work, as could many others not contemplated here. But for the sake of argument, let’s say we close as follows:

Maiden as symbol of Past Life Karma in AstrologyThe SN make-up in this chart speaks of a past life in which the chart holder was a woman widely regarded as beautiful. She harbored dreams of seeing the world, but due to the restrictions placed on her by her society and possibly her religion, she was forced into a marriage and family life that she saw as a form of imprisonment. She felt powerless before the traditions and male authority figures in her life, and her demise may have come quickly, unexpectedly, and fully in view of the public eye.

If the resulting karma were navigated poorly in this life, the chart holder may now be someone who treats women poorly (especially beautiful women…?), who lusts after power at all costs, who fails to see the dignity in other humans unless they’re more powerful than this person is, and who has an insatiable need to be the center of the world’s attention. That could arguably be the karmic plight of this chart holder, based on the symbols most connected to the SN in this chart.

Oh, and I said that this is the chart of a real person. You may even have heard of him – his name is Donald Trump…

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NOTE: Much of the above methodology hails from Steven Forrest’s excellent book, Yesterday’s Sky

New Moon in Leo

Lion Roaring as Symbol for New Moon in Leo - Astrology
This is the sound of the New Moon in Leo!

That mad rush of sonic input that you’re hearing – and maybe even feeling all up and down your sympathetic nervous system – is the sound of Lions roaring.

Today marks the New Moon, which is happening this time around in the highly expressive Sign of Leo. New Moons are, by definition, that moment in time each month when the Sun and the Moon appear to us here on Earth to be occupying the same exact location in our sky. In other words, on every New Moon, the Sun and the Moon beam their symbolic energies our way through the very same Zodiac Sign. This is not at all unusual.

A couple of things that are unusual about this particular New Moon, though:

  1. Our two great Luminaries are joined this month by the Planet Mars, which adds its already fiery vibes to this Planetary party going down in one of the three Fire Signs. Leo makes things happen in Fire-heavy ways, and the Sun and Mars are already ablaze on a pretty much permanent basis as it is…so you can either fear what’s cooking, and zip yourself into your asbestos union-suit, or you can embrace the flames, and dive right into them.
  2. New Moons are terrific opportunities for setting our intentions for the entire Moon cycle just getting underway…and as it happens, this one will last until the next New Moon ushers in a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. This is one serious stretch of days!
New Moon in Leo - Astrology chart
Chart for the New Moon – this is a whole lot of Leo!

So what does all of this mean to you…?

First, as always, you should hold up the accompanying chart of this New Moon against your own birth chart, and see what connections might be likely to link the two. This New Moon happens just barely into Leo, so if you have any Planets or Points (such as your Ascendant, say, or one of the Lunar Nodes, etc.) in the same location, you may really feel this one. Similarly, if you have any placements in the same very early portions of any of the other Fixed Signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus), then this specific New Moon might also pack an extra bit of wallop in your personal neighborhood.

But in general, we’re looking at a huge inrush of Leo-energy coursing through our lives at this time. And Leo is symbolized by the Lion for a reason: Leo-energy is highly expressive! It’s tough to miss a Lion in the room, and in like fashion, it’s pretty tough to miss a Leo person, too. Leo-energy gets noticed, and to be honest, Leo-energy likes to get noticed. In fact, a lack of attention might just be the ultimate aggravation for Leo.

Which means we all may feel a boost in our need to be noticed and to be taken seriously at this time. We might do ourselves a big favor by raising our voices during the next few days (and during this entire Moon cycle), and by speaking our truths. Creativity is another Leo concept, so not just sounding off, but actually generating something that captures our own unique spirit might be an advisable enterprise right about now.

And the added presence of Mars will pour some assertive spice into the mixture this month, too. When Mars gets active, we can often be called to navigate to some new position along the fear/bravery axis. Tests of courage in whatever form may appear, asking us to react either by giving in to our misgivings and uncertainties, or by pressing onward in spite of them because we know that’s what needs to be done. It might be oversimplifying things to reduce this choice to a “fight or flight” situation, but that phrase isn’t horribly off the mark, either. This whole month may be a real opportunity for us to acknowledge our fears, but to then go on fighting the good fight even in the face of them…and when we do that, Mars-energy applauds, and sometimes even rewards us with new spoils of war.

All in all, this is a terrific time to be assertive, especially if you have difficulties around accessing that part of yourself. People who are already a bit Fire-heavy by nature may find themselves called to push in the opposite direction, though: keeping anger and needless aggression in check might be the challenges for these types.

But whatever your own natural “Fire quotient” may be, take some time today to set intentions for the month ahead leading up to the big eclipse, and think hard about where you need to be expressive, how you can be more creative, and which parts of your life are pushing you to be braver than you have been lately. And given that this is such a Fire-y conglomeration of symbols, don’t stop at the thinking and pondering – follow through and act! The Lion probably won’t respect anything less…