TAROT SPREAD: The Soul-Coffee Spread

It’s New Spread Saturday again! This is a monthly photo-challenge event on Instagram in which Tabitha Dial and I invite anyone and everyone who’s interested to create and share their own original Tarot spreads. You can track the goings-on over on IG by using the hashtag #newspreadsaturday.

It’s easy to participate, too: just cook up your own original Tarot spread, take a photo of cards laid out in the proper configuration for that spread, and put up a post on IG explaining what each card position in the photo means. You can use that same hashtag to look up past and current entries if you want some guidance and inspiration on how to go about contributing. Here’s my own new spread for this month: the Soul-Coffee Spread…

Coffee is a passion shared by millions of people around the world. If you’re a fan, there’s nothing quite like that much-needed cup of joe lighting up your insides with its life-giving blend of taste, aroma, and sheer pick-me-up.

But what serves the same purpose for your spirit? What gets you all revved up and ready for the world?

What’s your ideal cup of metaphorical soul-coffee like?

1 = INTAKE. Small, medium, or large? Tall, Grande, or Venti? Petite, Moderate, or Frigging Gargantuan? Whatever your spiritual go-juice is, when you ingest it, do you do that in small quantities, or do you need to have barrels of it on hand? Do you sip it delicately, or do you guzzle it down in great gulps? What’s your intake like?

2 = TASTE. Some like their coffee strong and bitter, so that swallowing it is almost like a trial…others want it so sweet that a child could happily drink it. Is your soul-coffee harsh and demanding…light and sugary…or something in between?

3 = INTENSITY. You can find coffee drinkers who favor decaf – they like the taste and the smell and the ritual of the coffee, but they don’t want the caffeine. You can also find some for whom the caffeine is the whole point, and the liquid coffee part is just a delivery system. Is your soul-coffee about the pleasures of taking it in…or is it about the rush that it provides you?

4 = ORIGIN. Do you favor a boost that comes from local, homegrown, familiar sources? Or do you feel most drawn to the exotic fare that hails from far-off lands? Where does your soul-coffee originate?


Weekend Tarot Reading

L-R: The Ace of Books * The Lovers * 7 of Swords – from the Epic Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you. It’s what’s up for the weekend just ahead!

🔮  Ace of Books (= Wands) 🔮  The Lovers 🔮  7 of Swords 🔮

This weekend affords you opportunities for interacting with the people you love the most. This is great news! A theme will evolve throughout the weekend, though, of you being confronted more than once with the need to choose how open versus how closed you should be with those loved ones.

On the face of it, this should be a no-brainer, right? Our society teaches us that being open and honest is the virtuous path, while keeping secrets is “bad.” But should we all vomit forth every bit of Truth, no matter how harsh those bits might feel upon receipt by the party on the other end? Questions such as “Does this haircut look good on me?” and “What did you think of my kid now that you finally met?” and “How do you like that song I just wrote?” can put us in a very uncomfortable spot if the true answer would be something along the lines of, “Frankly, he/she/it sucked…”

But then what if we do hold back? What if we tell a “white lie” so as to not hurt someone’s feelings? Does every untruth and every lie by omission constitute another straw on the camel’s back of trust in a given relationship, no matter how well-intentioned those untruths and lies may have been? How open is open enough, and how closed is too closed?

Maybe use the following formula as your guidelines in these dicey situations this weekend (attributed to the Buddha, but refined by the Victorian Era poet, Mary Ann Pietzker):

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

Happy Friday, everyone!


Providence Provides!!!

The Fall Equinox is fast approaching, and with it comes the season of Autumn. Old things fall away, and it’s a beautiful process to behold… As a card-carrying October baby, I’ve always prized this as my favorite season, and this year, it gets spiced up by the added fact that I’m casting off some old things of my own, and moving to a new residence. As of next week, I’ll be making my HQ in the promising city of Providence, Rhode Island, USA!

I aim to become exponentially more productive with my writing after I land for good at my new digs, and it’s interesting to note that famed horror-master H.P. Lovecraft hailed from Providence. It’s also interesting to note that across one of the adjacent streets from my new residence is this huge, sprawling cemetery, shown in this pic here!

I’m not saying I’ll suddenly be conversing with the dead (including Lovecraft himself), or that they’ll suddenly be conversing with me…but I’m also not ruling it out!

And my other metaphysical pursuits roll onward. As always, I’m happy to provide READINGS, TEACHING, REIKI SESSIONS, and COUNSELING via the internet, but if you’re in or near Providence, or if you know somebody who is that would be interested in engaging my services in person, please feel more than invited to reach out to me to set something up!

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here working on getting to know the locals better…both the corporeal and the not-so-much…

Midnight Meditation

I’m a big believer in the healing powers of meditation. Last night, I got into it a bit right around midnight, as it happened. I tend to use candles and incense set up alongside a few crystals of whatever varieties feel applicable at the time when I aim for a meditative state, and last night was no exception.

I heartily recommend the combination, as incense can at times produce a pretty substantial amount of smoke, while candlelight gives it an otherworldly flavor. Staring at the unfurling plumes of vapor can have a decidedly trance-inducing effect, and can be especially helpful if you have trouble quieting your mind when you attempt to meditate.

So for your viewing pleasure, here’s a minute-long excerpt from my midnight meditation…

Do you see shapes in the smoke…? Relax… Gaze into it… Smoke carries messages that you can hear with your eyes…


Tarot Reading: The Week Ahead

Death * The Chariot * 4 of Chalices (cards from the Epic Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo)

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you! This one looks at the week ahead.

Where I am, Autumn is already in the air. The trees will soon be shrugging off their leaves in a very “Out With The Old!” kind of move. Do you feel a similar impulse? This week, you may experience stronger than usual urges toward scuttling things that suddenly feel like sandbags. Things have a way of accumulating, of accreting, and building up layer upon layer of crusty, cocoon-like sheathing around us. This can make it hard to move, to grow, to see the light and breathe the air.

And you do need to move, that’s no joke. This happens to be a time during which you can make leagues of progress, as it happens. Cut loose all that dead matter around you, and that Chariot is waiting to take you to some fabulous new locales. Exfoliate your life properly now, and you can really make some serious tracks!

A cautionary note, though: don’t cut away too much, too fast, or you’ll risk tearing off some of the healthy tissue along with the dead outer layers. And don’t try to race off too far or too quickly, or you’ll only end up exhausting yourself. How helpful will it be to reach exotic new shores that are filled with promise if you’re too worn out to do anything when you get there? Be smart and be realistic as you streamline your life, and as you roll on toward the Land of “In With The New”…great things await you there, for sure, but it’s on you to arrive in tip-top shape so you can get the most out of them!

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Where Is Trust In The Tarot…?

Trust is a vital function in human interactions. We like people more when we know we can trust them, and there are fewer occurrences in the social order that are more relationship-killing than the breaking of trust.

Do you recognize your own default settings when it comes to deciding whether to trust other humans?

Some of us are inclined to trust everyone until a given person burns us, at which point, we move them into a sort of mental “penalty box” reserved for the untrustworthy.

Others are the opposite: they view everyone else in the world with a robust skepticism and a perpetually raised eyebrow until the occasional truly remarkable specimen can manage to amass enough evidence over time as to their inherent trustworthiness.

And then some people have one type of standard for most other humans, but a different standard for certain subcategories of them. For example, a young woman I know admitted to me recently that she’s generally someone who wants to trust others, but whenever she meets males who are older than her by more than a couple of years, her involuntary response is to not trust them. Most of us probably have similar “programming” around issues of trust.

So trust seems to be one of the constant underpinnings that colors our society in often subtle ways, but on a massive scale. Which means it must be represented somewhere in Tarot, right? Tarot is a microcosm for the human experience.

But where does trust actually appear in it? Trust in this context isn’t the same thing as faith. The latter is more about “trust” in some greater Force or in some greater Plan – “Everything will work out.” That kind of trust in the Divine can be seen glowing within the Star card. But which card(s) might flag issues revolving around the trust that humans have (or don’t have) for each other?

Maybe since this is a question about inter-human dynamics, we need to look more at the Minor Arcana than the Major? The 7 of Swords definitely seems to describe situations in which trust is being violated: theft, trickery, deceit. But that’s more like the absence of trust that’s being highlighted. Can you think of a card that emphasizes the presence of trust?

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Monday’s Week Ahead Tarot Reading

If you’re reading about this reading, then this reading is for you… Since it’s another Monday, this one is about the week that lies ahead…

Have you ever weathered a serious bout with insomnia? Or had a throwdown with anxiety-slash-panic? Then you know that when the mind acts up without being tethered to grounded reality and practical concerns, it can get hyperactive, and so hungry as to be downright voracious. That is, the mind can run wild, and at its worst, it can even start to eat itself.

On the other hand, it’s also possible to become too grounded. Without a certain nimble flavor to your thoughts, and without the ability to at least occasionally soar on the wings of your imagination, then you sink too deeply into the Earth Element. You go beyond healthy groundedness, and you can become mired in the muck like a dinosaur in a tar-pit, stuck fast, and going down.

This week, you need to balance these two opposing urges. The active, kinetic mind isn’t “bad” in and of itself, and neither is a focus on the unvarnished necessities in life. Too much of either can be deadly, though. This week, it will pay huge dividends to work at keeping up an intake of both. Free your mind…but stay cabled in to the material plane, as well. Or, in the words of that noted 20th Century sage and philosopher, Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground…and keep reaching for the stars.”