“What a dream I had…”


Last night, I had this tremendous dream.

In it, I was sitting somewhere outdoors, maybe on a bench in a park, and I was having some kind of meeting with someone.  As he was speaking, I looked up to see this adorable little cat – a kitten, really – in the trees high above us, with jet black fur and bright green eyes, looking down directly at us.  My friend said he’d already noticed, and he didn’t seem especially impressed.

As I watched, though, the kitten leaped up into the air…and was suddenly a little black bird.  The bird wheeled directly away in the other direction, but then looped around, and angled back toward us…and as it came out of the loop to begin its approach, the little bird changed again, and became a small gray owl.

The owl seemed to be heading directly toward me, too – not at me, not in some threatening or frightening way, but to me, as if to come and visit with me.

I put my hand up, curled into a semi-fist, palm facing outward and the outer edge of it tilted straight up: a makeshift landing strip for the little wild creature, should it elect, against all odds, to grace me with such a fantastic compliment as actually setting down on my person.

The owl fluttered in and actually did land on my hand, thrilling and astounding me, and in the dream, I even felt its talons dig unavoidably into the flesh of my hand.  I was happy to withstand the pain, though, if it meant enjoying this remarkable visitation!  Afraid of dislodging my little caller, I whispered to my friend to please get out his phone and take a picture of this profound event…and he was still fumbling for it when I awoke…

So what does all this mean?  I’ll set down some thoughts on that in a subsequent post.  For now, though, I just wanted to share, and to say that we often receive some very real messages through our dreams.  I personally advise always keeping track of the ones that seem to carry special meaning…because in all probability, they do!

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