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Hmm, I’m not sure what it might be lately, but only a week or so after I had that dream about the owl landing on my hand, I had another animal-centric dream.  This one was even more unlikely, as you’ll see…

So in this dream, I was walking with some friends toward a city street that was almost cartoonishly busy and bustling.  I don’t believe it was any particular city that actually exists out here in the consensus reality that we all share — I think it was rather some figment-city that I dreamed up, or that was dreamed up for me.  Maybe it was a sort of archetypal city: the idea of what a city is.  It doesn’t even really matter.  The important part is that my friends and I were trying to all get to various places, and we had diverging agendas, and there was a lot of distraction: noise, foot traffic, auto traffic, even air traffic, although at first, I wasn’t paying much attention to the details.

As a few of my friends got ready to peel off from the group and take care of their own individual bits of business, I chanced to look across the street, and I saw something truly fantastical.  It looked exactly like this:

Black Panther with wings - artist unknown
Black Panther with wings – artist unknown

For reasons of my own, having to do with an incident from a couple of months ago when I actually encountered a real black panther up close and personal-like (yep, that happened…), I’ve been thinking a lot about panthers.  Also, studies of certain mythological deities with affinities for panthers and for related big cats have factored in as well (see particularly the Greek god Dionysus and the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca…)…

So in the dream, yes, I saw a large black panther with great black wings swoop gracefully down out of the sky, to touch down on a tree-fort type of platform that had been affixed to a telephone pole on the other side of the frenetic thoroughfare before me.  The panther’s fur and wings were glossy and inky-black, and it was just crazy-beautiful.  I even remarked to myself that Hey, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about panthers recently, so how weird is this…??

I decided to move closer, to get a better look, or to even try to talk to the panther (that seemed like a totally reasonable proposition in the dream), but all the traffic frustrated my attempts, and then the dream morphed into something else.  I never got to directly interact with the flying feline.

But I awoke from this dream knowing that direct, spoken conversation or not, I’d nevertheless received a definite message from the panther anyway — the panther, and another animal that holds tremendous personal meaning for me (hint: what might have generously lent its black wings to my dream-panther…?).

It was a sensational dream, and I strongly advise you to take note of any animal dream-symbols of your own that might crop up in similar fashion — write about them, ponder them, reflect on the messages they might be bringing you.  And if you do dream about animals, I’d suggest researching them, studying images of them, reading any folklore that might feature them — you could very well have a strong personal connection with such an animal, and these are often really powerful relationships that can be cultivated.  Also, you never know what you might learn.  Did you realize, for instance, that what we call a black panther isn’t a separate species at all, and that these cats are, in fact, actually just leopards or jaguars with a genetic anomaly that renders their pelts black…?  Until I began exploring a connection with black panthers, I didn’t know that, either.

What animals haunt you, in that really, really good way…?

Winged Black Panther, by Jennifer Miller
Winged Black Panther, by Jennifer Miller

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    1. I’ll make that encounter the subject of a blog post soon, then — it’s not like the panther was running around loose, and I had to grapple with it bare-handed or anything, but I still think it was interesting. I have a few other notions to blog off of the front-burner first, but I’ll add this to the queue. Thanks: my first request!

  1. obviously like your web site however you have to
    check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with
    spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth nevertheless I’ll certainly come again again.

    1. Thank you for the positive response to my blog. I’m puzzled by your assertions about it being riddled with spelling errors, though. I not only pay attention to spell-check, but I also proof-read each and every post multiple times during and after the posting process. In other words, I don’t believe more than a tiny number of such errors can be found anywhere in my blog, much less in large and repeating quantities. Then again, I clicked on your name, and was taken to a site written in French…so maybe you’re using a translation program that introduces mistakes when it transforms my language into yours? Either way, thanks for reading!

  2. Seeing this in 2019 as I’m googling a picture for “black panther with wings”

    Wow what a dream!

    I had a dream two nights ago with 3 of them.

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