“Signs Point To Yes!”

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been devoting serious time and energy toward studying Astrology.  This is a discipline that’s incredibly complex, and to the doe-eyed beginner, getting your head around it can seem a bit like being asked to learn differential equations from someone who doesn’t speak your language.

Nevertheless!!…I proceed.  I made my way through a book recommended to me by a local astrologer, but while it helped a bit (as have the dozen or so websites I’ve been consulting along the way), I ultimately felt that the book has enough shortcomings that it won’t be The One for me when it comes to my learning efforts in this field.  With that feeling cementing itself in my mind, I took to Amazon and ordered a few more books that some of my other astrologically-minded acquaintances suggested.

The first of these arrived in the mail yesterday.  I opened the package all aquiver with nerdy excitement (I’m a bit of a book-geek…)…

I wondered if this book would be The Great Resource I’ve been seeking, or if it would at the very least eclipse the other one I feel I’ve already more or less sucked dry.  The early gut feeling?  It’s this:

The mighty Magic 8-Ball
The mighty Magic 8-Ball

Why do I say this?  A combination of left-brain and right-brain analysis…

Left-brain: logic, order, evidence, verifiable phenomena.  In other words, what I read, I liked.  I sampled it, first-hand, empirical-like.  The author’s style is much more helpful than the style of the guy who wrote the first book I was using.  The two writers emphasize different parts of Astrology (I can tell that just from the way the two books’ Tables of Contents break everything down), but it’s more a presentation kind of thing, and the way that even on quick first intro skimming, this new book’s language seems way more accessible (to be honest, the author of the first book seemed to me to be trying so hard to be profound and poetic all the time that he fairly often forgot to get the actual material across well…although, hey, if that book works for other people, then great…).

Right-brain: intuition, intangibles, extra-sensory input, the aforementioned “gut feelings.”  When I first took the book out of its wrappings, I flipped it open at random…and landed on the page that begins detailing the info necessary for understanding…the Sun in Scorpio.  I have the Sun in Scorpio in my natal chart!

The second page I opened to at random: the write-up on the sign of Scorpio in general.  I have four planets and my Ascendant in Scorpio, and if you want to start getting into Nodes of the Moon, I got one of those in there, too.  I’m all kinds of Scorpio!

Random page sampling #3: Jupiter in Leo.  I have Jupiter in Leo!!

This book wants to tell me…about me.  And that’s why I bought it: I want to sort of reverse-engineer my own birth chart, and then do the same for some of the people close to me, all so I can get a feel for how to properly analyze these natal chart documents, which really do seem to me like almost frighteningly accurate captures of our psyches and personalities.  It’ll be some good while after I reach that plateau of ability and understanding before I can then handle things like predictive Astrology, but that’ll come in time…especially when I have good, user-friendly resources to work with!

More news from this front as I make my way through this new book…

By the way, this is the new one I’m talking about, for the astro-curious:

"Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart," by Kevin Burk
“Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart,” by Kevin Burk

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