The line forms here…

I mentioned in my post about meditation a couple of days ago how we’re a linear species.  And it’s true: we travel through both space and time in purely linear fashion.

Think about it: in any given moment, we can only go in one direction in either space or time (in fact, we really only seem to go in a single direction in time, which would be from past to future, with the present being the single, constantly advancing point that we occupy along that route at any given instant).  Also, we can’t skip any steps — that is, if we’re moving, say, eastward across the African continent, we can’t just blink ourselves from Senegal to Niger to Eritrea without covering all the intervening ground.  Until we crack that pesky teleportation thing, we’re stuck passing through each and every centimeter of space along the way.

For us linear types, the Earth is one big, big place...
For us linear types, the Earth is one big, big place…

Advances in travel have certainly helped to reduce the intervals that we have to spend in getting from Point A to Point B, and I won’t pretend I’m not grateful — I’m often one of those types who constantly need to have the lesson reinforced that the journey can be as important as, if not more vital than, the destination — but faster does not mean “beyond linear.”  We’re still stuck within the confines of our linearity, like hamsters in a cosmic Habitrail.

This man is us!!
This man is us!!

And to the outside observer, it might even seem like we celebrate this with conscious intent.  What would an alien visitor, hovering above one of our major metropolitan areas in a shiny interstellar space-saucer, think, upon catching sight of a long line of people camped out somewhere to await the sale of impending concert tickets or the release of the latest iGadget?  Wouldn’t it seem like there were hundreds of members of this bizarre species simply…being in line?  And nothing else?  For, like, hours on end?  That’s what it would look like to me if I didn’t already have the scoop on what was really going on.

Religious rite in the Church of the Linear...?
Religious rite in the Church of the Linear…?

But you know what?  I’ve come to feel that this whole linear thing is a huge component making up that which the Hindu faith at times refers to as “Maya,” or the “Veil of Illusion.”  I believe that lying outside of this current existence we find ourselves in, are different possibilities for consciousness, and they’re not bound by such linear restrictions.

And it could be that we visit these realms, and we experience these possibilities, when we dream, or when some of us have psychedelic adventures (this would certainly explain why it’s often difficult-to-impossible to bring back much of these kinds of experiences, as our linear selves aren’t all that well-equipped to process and convey non-linearity — imagine a flat, two-dimensional being getting lifted up into the third dimension, then being replaced again back in FlatLand, and being asked by her/his 2-D fellows to describe the episode…)…and it may even be that we’re headed for such non-linear pastures when these current physical forms of ours expire, and we move on to that which comes next.  This is one of my current suppositions…

Of course, I won’t know for absolutely certain until I get there, but meanwhile, I’m pondering this linearity thing, and veils of illusion, and how they all might go hand in glove.  Should I hit upon more revelations, you can line up here to receive ’em…or maybe you won’t have to!  😉

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