The Evolution Train: next stop…?

Sort of like with my recent post about how I believe waves might be a mechanism for metaphysical change, I have another idea about evolution that I’ve carried around with me for a while.  This one is less about how things might be made to evolve, and more about where we might be going

Toward what strange  and exotic vistas...?
Toward what strange and exotic vistas…?

Please allow me to back up a bit, and to start at the start — the start of life on Earth, I mean.

From Wikipedia: “There is no ‘standard model’ of the origin of life.”  In other words, our current leading edge of science, even at its best, brightest, and most robust, still asks us to wait patiently in its outer office with a copy of Highlights Magazine, ferreting out the various objects in its “Hidden Pictures” page, while more work is done on the vexing questions of “How does life manifest from out of non-life?” and “How do single living cells first begin to conglomerate into multi-celled organisms?”

Here, work on this for now, and Science will get back to us on the big questions soon(-ish)...
Here, work on this for now, and Science will get back to us on the big questions soon(-ish)…

One thing many voices do seem to agree on, at least, is that life originated in the liquid medium.  That is, somewhere, somewhen, in the early primordial soup of proto-ocean that covered the young Earth, life pulled itself up out of no-life by its own bootstraps, and started to exist, and then to proliferate.  This is the First Important Point in my own theory here: Life Began in the Sea (and please note at this juncture: I am not a scientist, nor do I claim to be — I took a bunch of Biology classes many, many years ago, of which I’ve by now forgotten virtually everything, so please take this post with not just a grain of salt, but with perhaps an entire salt lick…).

Life: Launch Party!!  Where: Primordial Soup.  When: Several Billion Years Ago!  BYOB!
Life: Launch Party!! Where: Primordial Soup. When: Several Billion Years Ago! BYOB!

Second Important Point in my theory that I’m advancing here: after getting a feel for the young planet upon which it found itself, and then hatching some real ambition, Life Crawled Up on Land.

A Neil Armstrong for the Ocean Age...?
A Neil Armstrong for the Ocean Age…?

So if we can agree, for the moment, at least, for the sake of argument, that my premises of Life: Ocean…then Land are valid, then here we still stand, us humans and our land-based fellows, examples of Life On Land.  So…what’s next?

My humble little theory projects forward based not so much on what life has been or is now, but on the media in which life has existed…  First, life was supported by the thicker, nurturing embrace of a liquid medium: the oceans.  Next, life moved on up to a de-luxe apartment on land, taking up residence in the thinner medium of air.  If we agree to sign on for the admittedly precarious prospect of extrapolating a pattern forward from a base of only two points, then I hereby put forth that what comes next will be…life adapted to exist in an even thinner medium than air…

It's your new home, kids -- what do you think??
It’s your new home, kids — what do you think??

That’s what I said, alright: I find it at least within the realm of distinct possibility that what life is heading toward along its current evolutionary trajectory, is the ability to persist in the cold vacuum of space.

And what would this look like?  I can actually see this coming about in a number of ways, all of them highly science-fiction-y…

We could get to the point where we’re able to download our consciousnesses into machine forms and then transcend our earthly restrictions, rocketing skyward…or maybe machines will develop their own consciousnesses, and leave us organic types behind down here on Terra, while they ascend into the aether, much as some of our ancestors waved farewell to the oceans a few billion years ago and moved onward…

Or maybe we’ll see evolution into forms of pure, conscious energy.

Another possibility might be that current organic life will give way to consciousness that exists almost solely on the telepathic plane — beings of almost pure mind and spirit.

Obviously, we won’t know for sure until it happens (assuming this jump hasn’t begun already!), and odds are pretty solid that you and I won’t be there to see a widespread leap of this nature…but I also won’t rule it out, either.  Anything is possible!  Meanwhile…the next time you spare a glance for the star-field above you in the nighttime sky, maybe mull over the notion that just because life like us hasn’t made itself known from afar, that doesn’t mean life not like us isn’t watching, and waiting for us to get dressed up in more advanced clothing so we can truly come out and play…

4 thoughts on “The Evolution Train: next stop…?

  1. “There is no ‘standard model’ of the origin of life.”

    Well, I composed such a model and published it, much to the chagrin of my colleagues.

    The goal was to explain what life is, where it is, and how it works. And to explain you.

  2. You wrote a paper to explain me?? Now *that* I have to read…

    I kid — I just took a gander at your blog, Erik, and I’d be very interested to see the book version of your model that you’re writing “for the layperson” (I am *so* one of those laypersons…). I’m now following your blog, and I really do appreciate someone with such a deep scientific background taking a look at my own post, and commenting here, so thank you for that.

    And like I said there, I got that quote from Wikipedia, and the idea was that there’s no universally accepted — or even close-to-universally-accepted — model of the origin of life as of yet, as near as I could figure things…but hey, maybe yours will be the one! As mentioned, I’m curious to know more about it…

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