“Let’s take a look at the five-day forecast…”

If you spare a glance out your window, you’ll see a lot of things.  Exactly what those things will be will depend a lot on where you are at the time, and how much light and visibility you have helping you along, but some possibilities might include, people, buildings, birds, dogs, cats, other wildlife, trees, grass, other foliage, cars and other assorted vehicles, traffic lights, signage, local businesses, telephone poles and telephone wires, fences, sidewalks, the sky…and in and around all of the above, you’ll also see something else.  You really can’t help but see it.  It’s everywhere.  Do you know what I’m getting at here…?

Weather: our constant backdrop...
Weather: our constant backdrop…

I’m talking about the weather.  It’s always out there.  In fact, it’s so ever-present, that we often take it for granted — in the absence of more intense weather conditions, we might even default into thinking that there’s nothing weather-related happening at all on a given day.  That is, if it’s not too hot, or too cold, too windy or too rainy, too tornado-y or too monsoon-y, too blizzard-y or too riddled with lightning bolts out there…we may not give much thought to the weather at all.  Honestly, if the weather isn’t packing a wallop (even intensely agreeable weather would count here), do you really think about it very much…?  You might look ahead at what’s coming down the pike toward you in the next day or two, but do you ever remark to yourself or to others, “Wow, it’s so moderate today, isn’t it?!”

More extreme varieties of weather tend to make us sit up and take notice, sure...
More extreme varieties of weather tend to make us sit up and take notice, sure…

It’s the evidence of weather impacting us that I believe makes us really stop and consider it at any given time.  When it doesn’t reach out and smack us upside the head, we can kind of forget it exists in a weird way.  It’s like that joke about the old fish asking a couple of young fish, “How’s the water today, kids?” — and after the old fish swims away, the two youngsters look at each other and say, “What the hell is ‘water’…?”

"How's the water, kid?" "How's the what, now...??"
“How’s the water, kid?”
“How’s the what, now…??”

When you’re constantly submerged in something — like fish in water, or us humans in weather — it’s easy to take it for granted.  And that’s in the realm of the physical, where things are seen and felt and heard and such, perceived with our senses all the time…

So here’s another question: if even physical weather can occasionally escape our notice…what would you say to the concept of intangible weather…?

Can weather fronts roll in through the more ephemeral parts of our lives...?
Can weather fronts roll in through the more ephemeral parts of our lives…?

Do the less physically substantial realms of our lives play host to weather patterns the way our physical environment does?  Can we be forced to withstand the occasional “luck-storm?”  Can a spectral sun rise to smile upon our fortune once in a while?  Can a hard rain fall upon our karma?  Can our love be buried under a cold avalanche and then dig itself out again?

I’ve actually believed this to be true for a long time.  I actually don’t see how it can’t be true, really.  Patterns in nature tend to repeat themselves across multiple facets of creation, so why wouldn’t the warp and weft of the physical also appear in the immaterial?

And if you’re okay with that as a working assumption, then we can extend the metaphor to include the part about us trying to gauge or predict imminent weather patterns.  Out here in the “real world,” we have meteorologists to attempt that for us.  Sometimes they even nail it (not always, but we haven’t perfected the process yet, and nature is hardly that predictable, either)…  But if we can do a decent job of such weather-related prognostication in the physical world, then hey, why not take a shot at doing the same for our intangible weather: our luck-storms and our love-related pressure systems and such…?

The cosmic weather report...
Divination: the cosmic weather report…

That’s what I feel divination is: a gauging of the upcoming intangible weather patterns in someone’s life.  Is there inclement “weather” on the way, or do things look to be bright and sunshiny for a while…?  When reading Tarot or Runes for someone, or using a pendulum, anything along these lines, I tend to view it as taking readings, so as to assemble a sort of intangible-weather report for that person.  And as with regular old physical-world meteorology, it’s not a discipline that’s been honed to perfection just yet — even the finest, most awe-inspiringly skilled practitioners of divination can be off with their readings from time to time — but if you find someone good, I totally believe that they can equip you with terrific information, so as to enable you to make better, smarter, more beneficial choices.

So that’s the notion for this post…

How’s the weather out there today…?

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