I drew this just for you…

Yes, you — the person reading this post right now.

See, ever since I launched this blog, I’ve been writing about any occult-related topic that leaps into my fevered brain whenever I sit down to add a new entry.  I don’t want to limit myself to only writing about, say…Runes.  Or Mythology.  Or dreams and the interpretations thereof.  Or any other such subject within the realm of the Metaphysical and the Occult (even though they’re all fantastic subjects, and could each support entire blogs by themselves, no problem).

When it comes to subject matter in this here blog, limits are pretty much off-limits...
When it comes to subject matter in this here blog, limits are pretty much off-limits…

A great positive aspect of working this way is that I have a fairly infinite amount of choices for subjects at my fingertips.  A downside, though, is that certain topics may go for long periods without being addressed at all, because my mind tends to flit about for a while like a bat looking for an opening in a cave wall…but then I’ll fixate on something for a while, and being prodigiously Scorpio in my make-up, I’ll settle in on that one topic or sub-topic (or sub-sub-topic) for however long I settle in on it, much like that same bat (to extend a metaphor already in progress…) landing on a nice, gushing vein (and I don’t know why I’m producing vampire imagery this morning, as I’m not even especially into the whole vampire thing — I’m not against it, either, but it’s not necessarily my jam…).  Anyway…the point is that I can sometimes be otherwise occupied for a considerable interval of time before I work my way back around to a given topic, and during that interval, that topic may go largely or entirely ignored.  And I don’t want to ignore some of my greatest passions in that manner for too long!!

One such passion — absolutely relevant here, and always ripe for discussion — is Tarot.  And I feel I haven’t posted very much about it, even though it’s probably the main discipline that first took me by the hand and ushered me into the Realm of the Occult.

Follow the Fool's example, and leap fearlessly into the world of Tarot...and don't worry, Tarot won't let you fall!  (The Fool card from The Tarot of Metamorphosis)
Follow the Fool’s example, and leap fearlessly into the world of Tarot…and don’t worry, Tarot won’t let you fall! (The Fool card from The Tarot of Metamorphosis)

So with the above on my mind lately, I resolved to generate a post today having to do with Tarot…

But then my mind kind of stalled out when it came to nailing down a specific theme that would form the basis of the Tarot post I would write…  And it’s never good to force these things, I feel, so…

"Wait -- I've got it!!"  (artist unknown)
“Wait — I’ve got it!!” (artist unknown)

But then it hit me: Tarot itself could supply the answer!  Part of the beauty of Tarot is that it’s so incredibly versatile that it can help you out with almost any concern imaginable.

And then since the phrasing of the questions we pose to Tarot is so critical, I pondered what I was after for a while, and then I hit upon the following:

A write-up in this blog about which card today will yield the greatest benefit to those people who will come here and read said write-up…?

Then I selected a deck — I generally like to offer to someone sitting for a reading with me the chance to make that selection themselves, but sometimes (like in this situation…) that’s not practical, so my selection has to serve.  In such cases, then, I’ll gravitate toward a deck whose theme or imagery seems to be somehow in harmony with either the person sitting for the reading or with the topic at hand…or if neither of those tests seems to apply all that well, I’ll just grab whichever deck seems to catch my attention first.  And today, we do find ourselves in this latter situation!  So, the winner is…

The Wheel of the Year Tarot
The Wheel of the Year Tarot!!

I think this deck was on my mind because I’ve seen a few people debating its merits recently on a Tarot bulletin board I sometimes frequent.  The deck’s theme revolves around the cycle of seasons that much of the Earth is treated to each time we make our journey around the Sun, and most of us who don’t live toward the Equator or near one of the Poles can probably find something within the concept that resonates.

So which card did I draw for you, the person reading this post right now…?  I drew this stern-looking Lady:

The Queen of Swords!!
The Queen of Swords!!  I drew this just for you…

She’s this deck’s rendition of the Queen of Swords.  So…what exactly does that mean?  Why would a write-up about her benefit you, the reader?  Well…it could be that what she represents bears some consideration for you at this moment in time — the concepts she embodies may be especially relevant to you right now.  And so, okay, if that’s the case…what does she represent??

Well, first some general stuff…  The Queen — any Queen in Tarot — would be one of a subset of cards we call “the Court Cards.”  Think about a Royal Family.  Even regular playing cards feature Court Cards: the Jacks, Queens, and Kings.  the Tarot Court is similar, but with one additional “level” of players added.  We start with that level, which is comprised of what we call the Princesses or Pages: these are generally characters who would be young, maybe with some maturing to do, but bright, inquisitive, indicative of learning and of messages, and very feminine/Yin in their make-up.  Next would be the Princes, or Knights, who would correspond to those Jacks in playing card decks that I just mentioned: also young, also maybe a bit immature still, but very passionate, energetic, active, maybe travelers on quests, and rather masculine/Yang in their essential fabric.  Beyond them, you reach the Queens and Kings, who are the more mature versions of those Yin and Yang principles, respectively, with the Queens being perhaps a bit more self-possessed and inward-looking (they rule themselves as much as others, leading by example and self-mastery), while the Kings are maybe geared slightly more toward ruling others and looking outward toward the kingdom as a whole.  So we’re dealing with a Queen here: seasoned, tempered and tested by time and experience, sure of herself, and quite authoritative, especially in her specific field of expertise…

And that field of expertise…is symbolized here by the suit of Swords (which, to continue on with linking to our common playing cards, would equate to the suit of Spades).  In Tarot in general, Swords are usually associated with the classic Element of Air, and they signify the sphere of the mental, the intellectual: Swords are thought, ideas, knowledge, communication, logic.  Seen in this Tarot-filtered light, the Pen isn’t necessarily mightier than the Sword…the Pen is the Sword!  Or, it’s one form that the Sword can take…

Thought, writing, communication...here, Pen = Sword.  They're kind of the same thing in the world of Tarot...
Thought, writing, communication…here, Pen = Sword. They’re kind of the same thing in the world of Tarot…

So then the Queen of Swords represents a mature, feminine/Yin force that’s extremely well-versed in matters of the mental and the intellectual, of ideas and wisdom and communication, of language and numbers and symbols.  This particular Queen is probably not the warmest and most nurturing of the four Queens — in fact, she’s probably the least warm and nurturing of the group! — but she’s brilliant, incisive, a prodigious solver of problems, and a terrific communicator.  And in this particular deck, the artist’s rendition of the Queen does seem to lean toward the darker and more forbidding end of the spectrum as far as her possible demeanor might appear (look at her: would you want to be on that woman’s bad side…??).  That is, this Queen will not hug you and soothe you and feed you…but she will help you to crack your problems with precision, skill, and finality, and she’ll also aid you in screening out unhelpful emotions that might otherwise gum up the works for you as you try to do so.

If you have something going on in your life right now that might benefit from a more dispassionate examination and approach, and a sort of mathematical view of it…then meditating upon the Queen of Swords, and trying to adopt her characteristic mindset could be the answer.  Have you been in turmoil about something?  Are you too worked up about some matter to make good progress on it?

Gaze upon that Queen of Swords — that stern, no-nonsense, emotionally detached presence — and ask yourself what she might advise if you went to her with your current issues…  Imagine what unhelpful and purely emotion-based elements of those issues she might cut away with that blade of hers, and know that whatever would be left…would be her counsel for you.  We often hold the answers to our own problems within ourselves, but we let our emotional attachments to things cloud our judgment and hamper our potential progress.  The Queen of Swords, however, has no patience for all of that, and if given charge of the matter, she simply won’t allow it…she’ll make the tough choices, slicing through to that which must be done, and while it may hurt our emotional selves a bit, her pronouncements will always be for our greatest good in the end…

So I believe that’s what this post is meant to convey: if you’re struggling with something right now, screen out the emotional interference, and try to see things from the more all-business perspective of the Queen of Swords.  Her worldview and counsel may not be sweet and happy and fuzzy, but sometimes cutting through to the heart of the matter is exactly what’s needed.  And so hopefully, despite her fierce appearance, the Queen of Swords can be of help to you!!

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