Your Chariot awaits…

Recently, I put up a post here about synchronicity, and how I believe that when certain things seem to get referenced repeatedly in our vicinity within a fairly brief period of time by seemingly unrelated sources, this can be taken as some kind of message to us from the Universe…

So this happened to me again to some extent yesterday with respect to what’s known as a Merkaba…so I decided I should write a bit on the topic.

Merkaba is a Hebrew word that is generally taken to refer to the Throne or Chariot of God, as beheld in visions by certain prophets in Biblical times, most notably Ezekiel.

The Merkaba: the prophet Ezekiel gets one major eyeful!
The Merkaba: the prophet Ezekiel gets one major eyeful!

Some voices theorize that what Ezekiel was attempting to describe in the wake of this event was really a multidimensional entity or craft manifesting itself down into our simpler four-dimensional world…thus understandably knocking Ezekiel for one massive loop, and greatly frustrating his ability to reduce his vision into easy-to-follow wording.  After all, how do you give an account of something for which accurate words have never been invented…?

The Merkaba has since taken on much spiritual and metaphysical meaning, and various disciplines make mention of it.  For example, each of the beings at the base of the chariot is said to bear four faces: one of an ox, one of a lion, one of an eagle, and one of a man…and in astrological thought, each of these faces corresponds to one of the four “fixed” Zodiac Signs (that would be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, respectively).  Tarot connects up to the Chariot in Ezekiel’s Merkaba vision simply enough via…the Chariot card.  There’s also a field of study and exploration known as Sacred Geometry, in which certain shapes are taken to have profound meaning and effects.  Such shapes can occur in nature, and some are purposely built directly into architecture by people who hold with such concepts — these shapes can include the circle, the triangle, the square, the spiral, and the Merkaba itself, which in this context, is depicted as a three-dimensional version of a Star of David:

The Merkaba as Sacred Geometry...meditate on that for a while!
The Merkaba as Sacred Geometry…meditate on that for a while!

For those who find that this latter concept really resonates with them, it’s easy to find carvings of various gemstones in Merkaba shape for use as jewelry or in meditation.

I bring all of this up because yesterday, I first observed two separate people invoke the Merkaba, and I’ll hasten to point out that it wasn’t me making the references — I just witnessed them being made by two otherwise unrelated people at different times and in different places.  That alone struck me as kind of odd, although these were admittedly both conversations among people who do tend to gravitate toward the metaphysical…  But then I arrived at home to find my Facebook page swirling with friends’ references to this astrological happening that’s unfolding in the sky above us even as I type this: it seems that we’re being treated to two groups of three Planets each aligning themselves into triangles (Grand Trines, these particular triangles are called) that then interlock…expressing your basic Star of David shape!  And some of these mentions of it have been referring to it as an example of Merkaba energy (the two Grand Trines interlocking like this are called, collectively, a Grand Sextile).

This is a very rare configuration of the Planets — the last time such a thing occurred was in February 1945, as the Second World War was winding down, and vast changes were in the works for our overall civilization as a whole.  Astrologers feel that this current Grand Sextile, too, offers fantastic positive potential for change and transformation.

The last time a Grand Sextile poured its energy down upon Earth, the Yalta Conference was underway, during which Allied leaders Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin worked on redefining the world...
The last time a Grand Sextile poured its energy down upon Earth, the Yalta Conference was underway, during which Allied leaders Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin worked on redefining the world…

This current Grand Sextile, or celestial Merkaba, involves one Grand Trine that links Planets in the three Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), and another that links Planets in the three Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).  As any astrologer will tell you, Water and Earth are the two Elements that are considered Yin in nature (Air and Fire are the Yang Elements).  With that in mind, if you put any stock in all of this “Planets in alignment” business (or even if you remain skeptical…), today might be an excellent juncture for cultivating the Yin in yourself and around you — think here about anything with attributes that might be characterized as tranquil, accepting, yielding, receptive, “feminine,” cool, dark, passive, and evocative of the nighttime.  Our modern society often seems to more overtly prize the Yang in our lives — the bold, the showy, the aggressive, the “masculine” — so remembering to consider and value the Yin on occasion would seem to be wise practice even if you personally can do without all the metaphysical overtones.  But either way, though, this occasion of the Grand Sextile or Merkaba up above us would seem to offer excellent opportunity for doing just that.

Turn today of all days to the Yin -- the black portion of the classic Yin/Yang symbol...
Turn, today of all days, to the Yin — the black portion of the classic Yin/Yang symbol…

And if you like the idea, you’ll want to act fairly quickly, as one point of that Grand Sextile is represented by the rather quickly-moving Moon…so the formation won’t last even until the end of the day, as the Moon will be skimming onward, as the Moon always does.    As the great George Harrison flagged for us, all things must pass, and that includes this rare planetary configuration that”s currently encircling and embracing us.  You can mark it and make use of it while it still holds, though, riding that Merkaba-Chariot to whatever Yin-colored lands might appeal…

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