The Eagle has landed!

As your nearest astrologer will tell you, the Eagle is as valid a symbol for the Sign of Scorpio as is the Scorpion (some will even throw in the Serpent as well…so the Scorpio iconography can get especially crowded…)…but anyway, with all that being true, today’s title post seems especially on point, given just how very Scorpio I am (four Planets in Scorpio, including the Sun, plus the Ascendant, plus the South Node of the Moon if you want to get all nodal about things!), and also given the fact that yesterday saw me successfully relocating to my shiny new home several miles eastward of my gloomier old one (as detailed in my last post)…

Look: this scorpion even seems to be heading east!
Look: this Scorpio even seems to be heading east!
And so does this one!  (photo by Liam Quinn)
And so does this one! (photo by Liam Quinn)

I still have a fairly immense amount of work ahead of me, as I try to organize my belongings so as to best fit into the new configurations dictated by the shapes, sizes, and storage capacities of the rooms now available to me here (which are of course different from the old configuartions at my previous place), but it won’t be so bad, and I don’t feel that settling in and unpacking carries quite the same element of stress that the packing/vacating phase does, what with its inescapable component of hard deadline (i.e., “The movers are appearing at X o’clock, and when they go, any soldiers not on the truck do get left behind!”).

Also, I’ve been here for less than 24 hours so far, and I feel like I’m already awash in more positive omens about the relocation than I’d already received (and I’d already received no small amount!), and plus, just outside my new bedroom, there’s an elevated patio, and if I climb the ladder up to the roof itself from that patio, this is the sight that now greets me any time I want to greet it back:

Good morning, Sunshine!!  (I need to work on my photography game, because this pic doesn't capture the sweeping vista that I actually see from my rooftop perch...)
Good morning, Sunshine!! (I need to work on my photography game, because this pic doesn’t capture the sweeping vista that I actually see from my rooftop perch…)

I can’t really get across just how meditative it feels to stand atop that ladder and gaze out upon the western half of the city!  I can’t quite see the ocean from here, but I know it lies just beyond that vanishing point where the land and the sky seem to meld into each other, and that comforts me more than I can say…and I also feel like I’m one with the birds up there, as they often come whistling by at different altitudes, traveling lanes in a three-dimensional highway that I don’t think we often really visualize in any real detail.  It’s a whole new perspective for me…which can also be said for the move in its entirety!

So anyway, I’m fixing to have my office set up in a far greater state of close-to-completeness later today, including having my big desktop machine situated and humming (I’m writing this on my laptop in the kitchen, with a mug of coffee next to me that’s the size of your head…).  I don’t intend for this space to be too much of my own “Dear Diary…” page that you just happen to get to voyeurize, so I should be back to holding forth shortly about all manner of topics Occult and Metaphysical, Arcane and Esoteric.  Requests and questions will be happily received, and please note that one aim of this move is to help me ramp up my work as a practicing and professional Intuitive Counselor…so if you have any interest in receiving a reading from me — Tarot and Runes are my specialties, but I perform other related services as well — please take a look at my other pages on this site, including the one marked “Services.”  I see people here in LA, and I also do work from a distance.

And with all that said…Happy Monday, everyone!  May your new week launch with as fabulous a start as mine has!

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    1. Thanks, Sindy! Seeing an eagle in a shamanic journey sounds amazing, and very, very Scorpio, for sure — I’m very impressed! Did you ever blog about that experience? Or is it too personal (which I’d totally understand)…? I’d definitely read such an article, though… And I’m glad to have landed, too! Moving is fantastic in lots of ways, but rarely easy…

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