“Vital Signs” (special bonus post for 8/8/13!!)

As I was writing my earlier post today about the Ice-Rune, Isa, this old song called “Vital Signs,” by Canadian rock band, Rush, popped into my head.  This was a bit odd, as I haven’t heard that song in a long time, but then again, I did go through a serious Prog Rock phase back in college, and I had some real reverence for Rush, and for their sheer musicianship.  “Vital Signs” was always one of my favorite tunes of theirs, so it’s probably etched pretty deeply into my gray matter.  One line in the song mentions how “Everybody got reverse polarity…”  Take note of that, as it will come up again in a minute…

Rush, laying it down...  I once saw Rush...at the Oakland Arena, as a matter of fact, right next door to the Oakland Coliseum, where the A's play ball...
Rush, laying it down… I once saw Rush…at the Oakland Arena, as a matter of fact, right next door to the Oakland Coliseum, where the A’s play ball…

Moving back in time to my post before that one about Isa and delays and such, I last posted about how I believe I once unwittingly attained the state of gnosis, and manifested the ability to catch a foul ball at a pro baseball game, even though I was but one attendee among about 35,000.  I did catch a foul ball during the occasion in question, though, and said foul ball was hit by a player for the Oakland A’s named Tony Phillips.  You’ll want to take note of that, too…

…so after I put up today’s post, I clicked over to Facebook, to see what my various friends and relatives have been up to, and I found a link to a very interesting article.  It’s all about how the Sun’s magnetic field is about to go through an enormous change, one that happens only once every 11 years.  The Sun’s magnetic field is about to…reverse polarity…(just like singer/bassist Geddy Lee of Rush says in “Vital Signs!!”)…

But there’s something even weirder than the fact that the thrust of the article had already floated into my mind via a set of Rush lyrics from a song that was being recorded either during, or at least close in time to, an earlier such reversal of polarity (by my calculations, Rush would have been capturing tracks for Moving Pictures — the album that features “Vital Signs” — in 1980, which was 33 years ago, and remember the Sun flips the polarity of its magnetic field every 11 years, so…you can do the math there easily enough…)…but so yes, even weirder than Rush appearing in my head to invoke reversal of polarity right before I found that article, is the fact that the article itself which I’m talking about, was written by an author who bears the name…Tony Phillips.


You can check out the article here

I am not making this stuff up.  I am, however, now cogitating mightily on ways to ring in this big change in the Sun’s magnetic field…fair warning: this topic may crop up again in a subsequent post…

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