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I like to write.  The practicing astrologer might be inclined to say that this is because Mercury, in my natal chart, sits in my First House, only a few degrees from my Ascendant, thus coloring almost everything I do…Mercury being the Planet that represents our drive to communicate.  Writing is, of course, a primary subset of communication in this world that we share, and when you have a Planet sitting on or adjacent to your Ascendant (that’s the Eastern Horizon at the moment when you’re born), then the energies of that Planet tend to be inextricably wrapped up in your everyday self, the you that interacts with the world.  My own Mercury also happens to be rising within the embrace of the Sign of Scorpio, which, the astrologer would likely go on to say, lends my drive to communicate a certain passion and intensity: I want my meaning (all of my meanings…) to be tirelessly conveyed with great eloquence, clarity, and poetry, always.  This is what the astrologer would say, anyway…and I’d actually agree with the astrologer on all of the above as it applies to me!

While I was busy being born, Mercury was busy rising over the Eastern Horizon, indelibly etching its properties into my being (Image processing by R. Nunes, http://www.astrosurf.com/nunes)...
While I was busy being born, Mercury was busy rising over the Eastern Horizon, indelibly etching its properties into my being (Image processing by R. Nunes, http://www.astrosurf.com/nunes)…

And I believe that writing is not only an undeniably useful means of communication, but that it’s also another one of the tools that we have at our disposal for use in changing the world.  And I don’t just mean that certain people get to publish their thoughts to vast numbers of others out there, thus adding their characters and plot ideas to the collective world-mind — you don’t need to match the popular acceptance achieved by, say, Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, in order to have your writing change at least your world.  I believe we can all work with writing on a smaller, but no less meaningful, scale.

I’ve talked before here about rituals a little bit, and how they can be used to change our reality.  Some people label this kind of practice “magic.”  Some would instead file it under “Self-Hypnosis” or “Effective Visualization” or “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  Whatever you feel like calling it, I do feel that usage of writing in this manner really can open up doorways that might otherwise have remained closed.  And it’s really simple to use writing in this fashion.  For one thing, what I’m talking about doesn’t require lovely prose, or an inexhaustible vocabulary, or a prodigious grasp on the rules of grammar.  Mostly you just need something to write with and something to write on, which can range from charcoal and a cave wall, to a keyboard and a computer monitor, or could include anything from in between those two extremes.

Any equivalent to this writing station and its implements will work just fine for what I'm discussing here -- accomplishing some writing far outweighs concerns about the minute details of how that writing gets done...
Any equivalent to this writing station and its implements will work just fine for what I’m discussing here — accomplishing some writing far outweighs concerns about the minute details of how that writing gets done…

So I mentioned up above the concept of the power of positive thinking, and that’s about where I’m going with this.  My suggestion here is to consider simply writing down a desire of yours as if it’s already true.  That’s it.  And the idea is that this may help to program the Universe like a computer, to go ahead and edit reality so as to be more in line with the desire you just committed to written form.

Here’s an example…  Say you just completed a battery of guitar lessons, and you found some local ads from bands who are seeking guitarists.  You’ve never played in a band setting before, but it’s something you really want to do, despite being as nervous about trying it as you are excited.  My suggestion would be to write down your end goal.  However you choose to do this, be it writing on paper with pencil or ink, typing into a typewriter or computer, or even scratching words into dirt or sand, you just write out your desired endpoint as if it’s about to happen, or as if it is happening right now, or maybe best of all, as if it’s already a fact.  “I’ll answer an ad for a guitar player and will get the gig” or “I’m successfully auditioning for a local band” or “I’m a working guitarist in a band!”  Anything along these lines is terrific stuff, and can be highly helpful, and can even have real effects in the world.

Let me take a small side-trip into the topic of the “Mary Sue.”  This is a type of character that basically represents an idealized version of the author — it’s the author as she or he wishes to be, with traits like often encyclopedic knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, almost flawless capability in virtually everything they attempt, boundless charm and sex appeal, cool unflappability in crisis…you probably get the picture…

The Mary Sue character is an ideal...
The Mary Sue character is an ideal…

Now, in fiction, the Mary Sue is often an annoying, intrusive phenomenon.  I recently referenced the great seminal crime fiction authors, Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett — a more modern crime writer by the name of James Ellroy once issued a fairly well-known quote that can arguably be taken as Ellroy praising Hammett at Chandler’s expense, and in essence, somewhat dismissing Chandler’s famous detective, Philip Marlowe, as a Mary Sue: “Chandler wrote the man he wanted to be – gallant and with a lively satirist’s wit.  Hammett wrote the man he feared he might be – tenuous and sceptical in all human dealings, corruptible and addicted to violent intrigue.

I’m not so sure I’d get on board with Ellroy’s analysis, although for fans of the genre, it makes for some interesting thought.  But my point is that what might be undesirable in fiction, can be exactly desirable somewhere else.  I’m actually suggesting here that it’s worth making a few attempts at writing down statements about yourself as if you are that idealized, Mary Sue-ish version of yourself that you dream of being.  Write down declarations of fact about your growth, your success, your good fortune, your accomplishments, your achievements, your fine traits.  Make them simple and to the point, without worry about whether they could be phrased better, or if you put in the correct punctuation — just write them down, look at them, nod at them as if they’re scientifically verifiable fact…and then get rid of them.

You can take care of this last element of the exercise through whatever means might feel right.  Scribble the words out so that they’re no longer readable…tear up or shred the paper they’re written on…erase the words…bury them…flush them…or, if you can do it safely, you can even burn them, which can be seen as releasing their meaning into the world, to climb up into the air on a thin plume of smoke…  All of this is like casting a simple spell.  You can add some extra trappings to the proceedings if you like, too — you can light some candles and/or incense, you can outline a grid or a circle around yourself as you write and then un-write, you can wear jewelry or clothing that has meaning for you, or even a mask if that sets the right mood for you — but whatever you use to write, and however you then do away with the writing itself, the final step is to put the notion out of your conscious mind.  The conscious mind — the ego — has a tendency to screw things up, to self-sabotage, and to gum up all manner of works.  Instead, just move on to other things, and allow for the notion that your subconscious mind will then step in and Take Care of Business.

Let your subconscious mind step in and handle the controls after you've done your writing exercise -- it knows what it's doing!  (painting by Tibor Renyi)
Let your subconscious mind step in and handle the controls after you’ve done your writing exercise — it knows what it’s doing! (painting by Tibor Renyi)

And if writing really, truly isn’t your bag, you can try something similar with some other mechanism that still falls within the Mercurial realm of communication.  For instance, a friend of mine tells of how when she was single, she drew a picture of her idealized, perfect romantic match…and soon thereafter, she met, and began dating, a guy who looked to her exactly like the image she’d drawn — and she isn’t even an artist!  And now, nearly two decades later, she’s still with the same guy, living together and happily raising a family.  As her example clearly shows, you can use whatever means of communication works for you, and the idea is to just expend a bit of actual effort in outlining your desires for the Universe to witness.  It may have no effect…but then again, it may.  It may actually help you to transform yourself into the idealized you that you’d love to be, living the grand life that you’ve always dreamed of — so go ahead and Write On!

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