Bloggus Interruptus

Well, it’s official: I am no longer undergoing the jury selection process, as detailed in one of my recent posts — I am now a juror.  I’ve been officially selected, and I begin serving on a jury today.  For the next week to ten days, I’ll be not so much an Arrow In Flight as an Arrow Hovering In A Jury Box.  I also may very well miss posting here far more than I usually would, as jury duty requires me to get up and out way earlier than I would normally get up and out (or even just up…).  If I can, I’ll try to post in the evenings, and I’ll certainly do so on the weekend days when the courthouse is closed, but I wanted to lodge an alert here that I won’t be able to share my zeal for the Occult and related topics on quite the near-daily basis to which I’ve grown accustomed.

People fiending for input on the Metaphysical are encouraged to track down Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III’s stellar graphic serialization (= “grand comic book”) Promethea, to play with some Tarot cards, to generate their birth chart on one of the several Astrology websites that will do this for you for free, or to go ingest some mythology (the Greek is always a deep, rich vein, there’s the Norse and the Egyptian, there’s the Aztec, the Sumerian, the Vedic…really, what mythology isn’t great?).

Meanwhile, my thoughts are still here, and I’ll be back before this space can go completely cold — promise!!

The Tree of Life -- some light studying for you until I get back...
The Tree of Life — some light studying for you until I get back…

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