Back In Flight!

I’m keeping today’s post short, as my time spent locked into jury service over the past two weeks has left me with a backlog of tasks that need attention, so I’ll be playing catch-up for a little while…but I did want to reestablish contact with this here blog-space!  I’m sorry I had to leave it sitting largely unattended for a while, but the trial I was a part of has now concluded, so I’ll be resuming my more customary output here from this point onward…

As always, any requests for posts on any specific subject matter will be cheerfully considered, and I’m much more freed up now to also resume doing readings (Tarot, Runes, Pendulum stuff, Oracle Cards, etc.) — if interested, please take a look at my “Services” page for details.

For now, I wish you all a Happy Friday (the 13th!), and I hope your weekend gets off to a fabulous start!  I missed you all — it’s good to be back In Flight!

The back In Flight!!
The Arrow…is back In Flight!!

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