“We are, all of us, Scepters!”

“We are, all of us, Scepters!”

The line I used as the title of this post was spoken by someone in a dream I had last night.  It sounds pretty weighty, huh?  I woke up with that phrase resounding through my sleep-fogged awareness, and I decided to use it as the basis for today’s entry here…

So first, I should outline the meaning of “scepter” — that’s both what it means to the world at large, and also what it was being used to signify by the figure in my dream.

An ancient Egyptian scepter: a symbol of power, cast in brass...
An ancient Egyptian scepter: a symbol of power, cast in brass…

To a literal-definition/pure “dictionarian” type, a scepter is a rod, wand, staff, or other stick, borne in the hand to denote authority.  The ancient Egyptians used them.  The ancient Greeks used them.  Cave paintings dating back to the Stone Age imply that maybe even our cave-dwelling predecessors made use of the scepter principle, to make it easy for locals to know who was in charge…although back then, a “scepter” may have seen a lot more actual impact-heavy, cudgel-type work than its more ceremonial descendants…  But so the point is that in literal terms, “scepter” often means “staff of office,” or something similar.

My dream, however, is utterly informed by my own internal systems of private symbols and definitions — anyone’s dreams are — and in my own inner lexicon (influenced by an early love of fantasy novels and questionable but enthusiastic role-playing games), a scepter can also be interpreted as one of several forms that the classic “magic wand” may take.  In the various fantasy genre works I devoured as a youngster, a magic wand — a device utilized to channel the power and will of a magic-using individual — could take the form of the true wand, such as what a stage magician employs in the practice of professional misdirection, or it could just as easily and validly be actualized as a long staff employable as a walking stick when not spewing forth fire or lightning bolts, or it could be cast into the shape of a true scepter: something greater in length than the lithe wand but not so cumbersome as the staff/walking stick, and more likely to bear ornamental work, such as carving or affixed orbs or gemstones.

Scepters from Sumatra, Indonesia, fitting my own archetypal image of the Magic-Wand-as-Scepter...
Scepters from Sumatra, Indonesia, fitting my own archetypal image of the Magic-Wand-as-Scepter…

So in my dream, the figure intoning about scepters was using the word as a synonym for “magic wand.”

Excellent.  So what, then, more specifically, is a magic wand…?

As for the wand part, here’s a sound-bite shamelessly nicked from Wikipedia: a wand is, of course, a stick, and “a stick giving length and leverage is perhaps the earliest and simplest of tools.”  We humans, therefore, as lifeforms, have virtually always known sticks/wands.  We awoke to find them here with us in our cradle, and we’ve been playing with them, and making more serious use of them as well, ever since.  And then there’s the magic part: in essentially any source on this kind of thing, be it thinking drawn from World Mythology or from pure fantasy, a magic wand is viewed as a device used by someone to focus and direct magical energy and that person’s will, to channel it all and give the mixture a resulting manifestational form, quite often a tangible one here on the physical plane.  If you allow your vision to blur a bit, magic wands can be seen in the conductor’s baton, the shaman’s drumstick, the writer’s pen and the artist’s brush, and even in the sportsperson’s specialized sticks (baseball bat, hockey stick, tennis racquet, pool cue, golf club, lacrosse stick…).

That’s the definitional stuff down, then.  Back to my dream: what was the person saying, then?  All of us here on Planet Earth are…sticks?  Not the most flattering thing to be called (even if we do represent ourselves in artwork as…stick figures…)…

Wait...was the person in my dream saying that we're not just represented by "stick figures" in our crudest artwork...but that we actually *are* sticks??
Wait…was the person in my dream saying that we’re not just represented by “stick figures” in our crudest artwork…but that we actually *are* sticks??

Well…the person was saying that, kind of, but not exactly.

We are, all of us, Scepters!

The person meant that we’re all magic wands.  We are — each and every single one of us — living, breathing devices for use by the Universe, by our Creator, by whatever equals “The Divine” in your own inner Book, to channel Divine Magic and Will.  We exist to make some Divine Message manifest here on this plane.  The Universe works through us to achieve its ends, and we’re each of us these fabulous magical devices, lovingly conceived and created, helping to put on the greatest Show ever imagined.

Think about it: like the scepter I described above, we’re much like elongated sticks in shape, “giving length and leverage” to whatever might be making use of us…we can be used to signify dominion, to inflict discipline (like those subsets of the stick, the switch and the crop), and we can undeniably be used as conduits for will and for power…we’re “carved” into some unique, ornate, beautiful form at birth, and we grow even more into our distinct forms throughout the courses of our lives…and like scepters, we’re ornamented: we have proud heads, visages looking out upon the world, and there’s this glowing gemstone set into the very top of every one of our stick-like forms.  We call it our “brain,” and we see it as the very seat of our consciousness.

I don’t know, it was my dream, yes, but it’s certainly also open to your interpretation, too…but I take it as a startlingly perceptive commentary on one way to view us bustling humans: We are, all of us, Scepters!


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  1. yes you are correct we are all scepters full of magic but it goes deeper than that first you need your Eye’s of horus i have a video of me in scepter form shooting lightning in the sky now im gonna build a real scepter and see what happens

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