The 7 Major Power Outlets…

This article was written by one of my dearest friends, the incomparable Garz Chan. In addition to working for several years now as a healer with a focus in Chinese Energetics, Garz has in recent months been making a very intensive study of Essential Oils…so if she compiles information having to do with said Oils, and you’re someone who has some interest in that realm, I have zero reservations about pointing you toward that information compilation. Please enjoy the multifold benefits of her work!!

Chinese Energy Healing

A malfunction of the 7th Chakra when it is too open/closed/imbalanced, creates: Attachment, depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, inability to learn, apathy, despair, doubt,
self consciousness, human imperialism, religious extremism…

A malfunction of the 6th Chakra when it is too open/closed/imbalanced, creates: Illusion, vision problems, headaches, nightmares, sinusitis, confusion, inadequacy, out of touch with body, psychic disturbance, inability to focus on any one thing…

A malfunction of the 5th Chakra, creates: Lies, throat/neck/shoulder/arms/ears problems, lack of courage, frustration, cunning, shyness, speaking too bluntly, deceit,
withdrawal from the emotions into the mind…

A malfunction of the 4th Chakra, creates: Grief, asthma, high blood pressure, coronary disease, lung, heart disease, bitterness, lack of self love, loneliness, passive aggression, isolation,
co-dependency, skeptical of love…

A malfunction of the 3rd, creates: Shame, ulcers, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, hypertension, diabetes, hypoglycemia, anger, guilt, lack of trust, dogmatic conformity,
greed, need for approval, selfishness…

A malfunction of the 2nd: Guilt, sexual problems, urinary, kidney…

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