A Dream of…Ley Lines

I realize that at times this blog seems in danger of simply becoming little more than an online dream journal for me, as I do tend to like recording my stranger oneiric visions here, but then again, if they help me to bring up relevant topics with at least one foot in the realm of the Occult, then, why not, right…?

Which brings me to my latest such weird metaphysical dream…this one aimed itself squarely at the concept of Lines of Power, one form of which — so-called “Ley Lines” — have found their way into popular New Age thinking.

First…what’s a “Ley Line??”

Our modern take on the concept seems to derive from the work of two men.  Back in 1921, an amateur British archaeologist named Alfred Watkins became convinced that Great Britain was marked by a network of ancient straight-line trackways marked by various structures along their lengths, quite possibly for use in aiding overland navigation way back when plain old eyesight was about all that traveling humans had to go on.  He coined the term “Ley Lines” to describe these paths, as he felt that many of the places in question along them had that particular syllable (i.e., “ley”) incorporated into their names (or some variant spelling of “ley,” such as lee, leigh, etc.).  Watkins didn’t really ascribe much in the way of any supposedly mystical significance to such lines, however…

That component of the modern view was added by Watkins’ fellow Brit, author John Michell, in his 1969 book, The View Over Atlantis.  Michell dusted off some of Watkins’ theories and stirred in a heaping helping of the Chinese principles of Feng Shui, to yield the notion that such lines do exist in the Earth, and that they do, in fact, represent or even emit some manner of arcane power.  Having not read Michell’s work first-hand, I can’t tell you what his take was on the chicken/egg conundrum of which came first, the aboveground structures arrayed along the supposed Ley Line (which array of structures then somehow coaxed that connecting Line of Power into being) or the Ley Lines themselves (which subsequently somehow compelled people to repeatedly build things upon them) — either way, though, the idea did gain a great deal of traction among New Age thinkers, and has featured in numerous works of fiction (although pure science doesn’t seem to have embraced it with nearly the affection that the more fantasy-centric types have).

Is there an actual Ley Line connecting the fence stiles, the church and its steeple, and that radio antenna in the distance...?  Or is it all just vague and unremarkable coincidence...?
Is there an actual Ley Line connecting the fence stiles, the church and its steeple, and that radio antenna in the distance…? Or is it all just vague and unremarkable coincidence…?

So that’s some definitional stuff — what about my dream??

Okay, so in this particular episode, my dreams were morphing from one into the next.  It started with me witnessing some kind of large aircraft falling from the sky, crashing to Earth a mile or two from my location.  I raced to the scene on foot to see if I could help somehow, and by the time I got there, I found that the authorities were already well into their official response, with dozens, maybe hundreds, of bodies of the deceased passengers of the fallen craft already piled into these gargantuan carts for transportation to burial sites.  There wasn’t much for me to do but stand and survey the tragedy…and then my dream shifted.  I was someplace else, standing about a campfire with several other people in some suburban kind of neighborhood at night.  In the dream, these people were at least acquaintances of mine, if not close friends, but in my real, waking life, they don’t exist.  These were just those kinds of dreamworld denizens who make sense during the dream, but don’t have any waking-world counterparts.

Anyway, we were standing around the fire talking, when I started to feel like I was beginning to trip on some manner of hallucinogenic drug (um…don’t ask me how I know what that might feel like…).

In my dream, I started to feel the way this thing looks...
In my dream, I started to feel the way this thing looks…

My little party very vocally suspected that a specific someone who’d been there recently with us must have slipped me something before departing…but then, another person in our group had a momentary sensation of the same thing.  And then so did another…

We realized that it wasn’t drugs, as that suspected party wouldn’t have had the time or the means to dose all of us before heading off, so…we all as one seemed to then arrive at the conclusion that we were standing near or on “lines of power” of a sort, places where some kind of otherworldly Energy was seeping up from the ground, and we thought that if we could stand on the right nexus points, we’d not only be awash in this Energy, but that it would begin to change us, even granting us some kind of super-powers.  This quickly became not just a supposition, but a certainty, in the way you just kind of know things to be true in dreams.

I was standing in someone’s lawn of dark green grass, near a high wooden fence at this point in the dream, and of the group, I seemed to be feeling the effects of this Line of Power thing the most intensely for whatever reason, and the others were kind of looking at me as a sort of barometer or gauge by which they could adjust their own responses (in other words, they wanted me to tell them where to stand so that they, too, could be doused with this bizarre Energy).  I then realized that I’d found a Juncture where two of these Lines of Power were meeting, perpendicular to each other, in a cross formation, or like a huge letter x…  And then a friend of mine was there suddenly — a real friend who I do know in the real, waking world (and maybe not too coincidentally, this is the same friend who appeared in the dream I had of the winged black panther that I wrote about here a while back…) — and she asked me if i was okay, seeing how affected I was by the phenomenon, ready to help me, as I’d been ready to help the passengers of that downed aircraft.  While i still felt very drugged out by the whole experience, and increasingly so, as the Lines of Power really took hold of me, I reassured her that I was good, even though I could only manage a whisper at this point, too engaged by the bath of mystical Energy I was undergoing to speak any louder.  The Power continued to mount, and to flow into me…  And then without any warning, I woke from the dream…

Ejection from the dream-world...
Ejection from the dream-world…

So what might that all have meant…?  Well, I think some of it was simply an outgrowth of the four-hour trek I’d taken through Griffith Park the day before — during that adventure, I was struck here and there by the way veins of one kind of rock could be seen running through other kinds of rock.  I’d noticed this same kind of geological occurrence a few months back during a visit to Joshua Tree National Park, where the effect had been even more striking, and it’s an effect that’s very suggestive of “lines” of some kind having run through a place in the distant past, recorded in stone, and for all I know, less tangible, less visible versions of those same lines might still be operational in the world around us.  So I may well have brought these concepts into the dreamscape with me.

The part about gaining super-powers…okay, I grew up devouring massive quantities of comic books, adventure cartoons, and science-fiction and fantasy material, so it’s an incredibly familiar concept to me, and in sheer wish-fulfillment terms, yes, sure, if I could gain some set of super-powers, I’d be all over that.  I don’t think the dream was literally foretelling that such a thing is imminent, though…but it could be that my subconscious mind (or some outside agency — eerie!!) was suggesting that in figurative terms, I’m levering myself upwards in one or more of my various ongoing quests to improve in certain areas.  For example, I’ve been making a very intense study of Astrology for months now, and the dream could be suggesting that I’m suddenly reaching new and loftier plateaus with my knowledge and skills in that field (I’d sure like to think that that’s true!).  To me, mastery of some realm or some talent is indeed like a super-power — I do think in such terms.  And my friend who appeared in the dream is someone I think of as being super-powered in certain ways herself, so this all fits with the overall notion.  Plus, most of the things I’m talking about doing here — studying Astrology so I can practice it more readily and regularly, etc. — would be put to use in helping people…like I wanted to help any of the crash survivors in my dream, or like my friend wanted to help me…

Whether this is the purest and most accurate interpretation of the dream remains to be seen, but I intend to watch my progress in certain spheres very carefully with all of this in mind!  And have no fear, if I do discover some new mega-ability worthy of its own Marvel or DC comic, I’ll hold forth about it here.  Meanwhile, I’ll be on the lookout for any kinds of “Lines of Power” I might encounter in my daily travels, and I humbly suggest that you might do the same — after all, who’s to say I didn’t dream that dream so I could write about it specifically so that you, sitting leagues away in some distant place, could be put on notice about it?  Maybe I’m just the messenger, and you’re meant to be the super-powered rider of some kind of Ley Line near you…in which case, good luck, and please tell me all about it after you’ve had time to recover and adapt!


    • Thank you, James! I agree about alone moments — I’m trying to meditate more as my upcoming trip to Peru looms, as I believe that kind of inner journeying can really then help us to move about in more positive ways in the outer world. And maybe I’ll stumble across a Ley Line while I’m there!

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