Preemptive strike…

A lot tends to happen in my neck of the woods when late October rolls around.

For one thing, there’s Halloween…

Halloween: you've met my friend Jack before...(image by Petar Milošević)...
Halloween: you’ve met my friend Jack before…(image by Petar Milošević)…

For another thing, probably less important to the world on the whole than All Hallow’s Eve, but still pretty big in my own personal hierarchy of Autumn events: my birthday!  The big occasion is tomorrow, to be exact (that’s the 28th of October — I’m posting this in the final minutes of the 27th…).  That’s right: I am Scorpio, hear me — well, we don’t actually roar.  Watch me hold my stinger in readiness, then, I guess…?

A sort of Yin/Yang version of Scorpio (image by Lisa Graham)...
A sort of Yin/Yang version of Scorpio (image by Lisa Graham)…

I don’t actually feel much current need to use that stinger, though, to be honest: I actually have some very positive feelings about this coming year for me, and I’m in a pretty great mood overall.  Good things abound, and those trends look to continue.

The reason for this particular “preemptive strike,” then, isn’t to be attacking something before it has a chance to rip into me first…unless you count a bit of absence as that possible something.  Given the usual stuff that tends to take up days, plus birthday stuff this week, plus Halloween stuff…well, it’s just that I can foresee maybe missing a few days when it comes to posting here.  I do have a high regard for fresh content, and I do my best to be a steady purveyor of such here at Arrow In Flight…but this isn’t your ordinary week.  So…just putting some advance warning out there now!

But have no fear: this space remains on the front-burner of my awareness, and if I do stray, I won’t be away long…

Meanwhile, early Happy Halloween wishes to all!!

Happy Halloween!!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. To be honest I am not a lover of Halloween, but as to the other special celebration, I am all over it! The best to you, dear nephew.

    • Thank you, dearest Tante!! How another October baby *doesn’t* love Halloween is a bit beyond my ability to comprehend, but you get a pass based on your sheer delightfulness! And thank you for the kind birthday wishes!

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