Be Guided…

My dear friend, Garz Chan, is at it again: dispensing with the sage advice! Please read and enjoy her latest post, about communicating with guides…and maybe even consider, you know: communicating with guides!!

Chinese Energy Healing

People ask me what I do, when I’m in need of some guidance, and I always say
“I talk to my guides… they show up and give me signs.”

Yes, we all have them… Guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestral guides,
joy guides, master teachers, helpers, runners, animal totems, archangels, angels,
higher self, deities, the creator, the divine…
We can call on them whenever we want, for whatever we want.

I always call on my ‘runners’ as I leave the house to help find me
parking spaces and they always do.

If I’m contemplating whether I should go on a date with someone,
butterflies will show up. 1 for no, 2 for yes.

If I am on the fence about attending a party or an event,
I will often see a group of birds or animals.
On a few occasions, I’ve looked up to see a balloon in the sky.


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