Halloween synchronicity…

I’ll keep this post short, as I seem to be battling a case of strep throat, and will be off to the doc’s soon to hopefully procure some greater medical firepower than I can gain access to just on my own…

Meanwhile, though, I wanted to relate some odd synchronicities that have occurred for me over the last couple of days…

First, not to belabor this point, but my birthday happened to dawn upon us all three days ago, on October 28th.  As part of my celebration of the occasion, I had brunch with someone over in Pasadena.  As we walked the streets there from Point A to Point B, she spotted a small poster in the door of some shop that featured the likenesses of the Frankenstein Monster and his Bride — she with her famous tower of streaked hair.  My companion said something about wanting to one day dress up as the Bride for Halloween, and I blurted out, “Elsa Lanchester.”  My brunch-date looked at me as if weighing the option of saying “Gesundheit,” and then asked for clarification.  I explained that Elsa Lanchester was the name of the actress who played the Bride in such iconic fashion.  We walked on at that point, but let’s put a mental thumb-tack in this part of the story, and return to it in a few paragraphs…

Elsa Lanchester as the Bride of Frankenstein, and a pleased-as-punch Boris Karloff as the Monster...
Elsa Lanchester as the Bride of Frankenstein, and a pleased-as-punch Boris Karloff as the Monster…

Next, I should inform the Arrow In Flight audience in general that I have a few Tarot and Oracle Card apps installed on my phone, and each morning, I like to pull one virtual card from each, to stay familiar with these specific decks as much as anything else (in all honesty, I feel way less connected to virtual cards than to ones I can hold in my hands when it comes to actually doing readings, but the virtual decks are great for study and general distraction).  So on the morning of October 29th, I pulled one card from each of three virtual decks, pondered the results briefly, then got on with my day.  Much later on, well beyond nightfall, I needed to kill some time before coming home, so I stopped into a local bar/restaurant to eat up an hour or so.  This establishment is called The Black Cat.  The main bartender was having a conversation with two patrons sitting next to me at the bar, and he happened to mention that the very day before, he had turned 40…  It didn’t require much at all in the way of math skills to understand that this gentleman’s birthday, then, was October 28th…which is my birthday!

After the other two patrons left, the barkeep chatted with me for a while, and we compared notes on being Oct. 28th kids, and on which famous historical figures and modern celebrities also share our birthday (Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, and Sir Francis Bacon all came up in the conversation).  And only around this time, did I recall that the virtual card I’d pulled that morning from the deck called Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards was this:

Was this card foretelling how I'd spend my evening?  And was it saying that I should take extra-special note of all that transpired on that fateful night...??
Was this card foretelling how I’d spend my evening? And was it saying that I should take extra-special note of all that transpired on that fateful night…??

The next morning, I was recounting all of the above to a friend, and I got it into my head to do a bit more research online to see which other famous types might have been born on the same day of the year as me.  I hit the internet, and turned up a small bonanza of additional entries, including a few more present-day American actresses (Daphne Zuniga, Lauren Holly, Jami Gertz), the actor Dennis Franz, young actor Nolan Gould (who currently plays Luke on “Modern Family”), Dutch Renaissance humanist Erasmus (sometimes listed as an Oct. 27th birth, though), talented actor Joaquin Phoenix…and Elsa Lanchester.  The Bride herself!!

I should point out here that I’ve never to my recollection seen Ms. Lanchester’s name advanced as another fellow October 28th child, so having this fact come to light a mere two days after that exchange in Pasadena struck me as a fairly major example of synchronicity (the “Black Cat” stuff and the Oct. 28th bartender also appearing during that two-day span make it all seem as if maybe synchronicity is running extra-high around me…this all may have something to do with the surreal qualities that a strep throat-spawned fever lends to everything anyway, but as a passionate devotee of synchronicity, I’m nevertheless still kind of in love with what’s been happening here…).

Oh, and also, “The Black Cat” is a work by American author Edgar Allan Poe…and so is “The Raven”…and to start the day off this morning, one of my WordPress friends, Sindy, of bluebutterfliesandme fame, posted Poe’s “The Raven” in its entirety.  And I identify massively with the Raven (the Bird, I mean), as I wrote here very recently (although Poe is kind of Halloween-y in a lot of ways already, so this may not be a huge burst of synchronicity…but I’m adding it to the tally in my own personal scorecard!).

Anyway, I’ll be missing the Halloween festivities this year, as I stay in sucking down meds and hot tea, and nursing my infected throat…but I hope the rest of you have a tremendously fun celebration!!  And if more synchronicities are happening out there for any of you, I’d love to hear about them!

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