Very unexpectedly: Jupiter!!

I’d like to keep this post on the briefer side today if I can, as I’m still battling a fairly whopping case of strep throat, and I didn’t sleep much last night because of it…but that lack of sleep also gives rise to the subject of this post — Jupiter! — so it can’t be all bad, right?

Jupiter: in a lot of ways, this is our Planetary Top Dog, more than twice as massive as all of our solar system's other planets combined!  That's its moon, Ganymede, at lower left...
Jupiter: in a lot of ways, this is our Planetary Top Dog, more than twice as massive as all of our solar system’s other planets combined! That’s its moon, Ganymede, at lower left…

So I’ve mentioned here in multiple posts that since I moved across town — three months ago now! — I’ve made it a habit to climb up to the roof right around sundown if I’m home, so I can watch the celestial proceedings.  It’s really meditative, and sometimes I see some great stuff down here on Earth, too…like last night, for instance, I not only saw a Hummingbird careen past me as I ascended the ladder to get topside, but I was privileged enough to finally catch sight of an Owl again (I feel compelled to capitalize these animal names, which will annoy technical writing curmudgeons, for which I apologize, but it’s happening…).  Consistent readers may recall that quite a few weeks back now, I enjoyed the rare delight of seeing — on two consecutive evenings — an Owl leap silently out of the trees that rise up from behind the house here, and then go gliding across the little valley of streets below us toward the opposite hillside (or maybe it was a different Owl each time, but that seems less likely to me).  Anyway, I’ve been hoping for yet another repeat performance ever since, and last night, that wish was granted!  But that’s not the actual subject of today’s post.  As mentioned above, that role belongs to Jupiter…

If you’ve ever suffered through a case of strep throat, or any other infection-based kind of ailment (like bronchitis, which loves me, and which seems to be attempting to crash the strep party here…), you know that in order to kick them good and proper, you often need antibiotics, and you definitely need lots and lots of righteous, rejuvenating, recuperative sleep.  Which I did not get much of last night.  I was too busy coughing and hacking and trying to swallow through an inflamed throat (but no more gross details, I promise…).  Anyway, I woke for good around…4:00 or 4:30, I think, but I didn’t admit defeat for at least an hour.  Then, after more tossing, turning, re-tossing, and re-turning, I recalled how I always joke that while I love dusk, I never see the dawn unless I actually stay up until its arrival (being so not an early riser by nature…).  I was then struck by this odd compulsion to put on some warm clothing and climb up to the roof to watch the sun rise for once instead of set (you know, if I was apparently going to be awake anyway…)…

Sunrise: okay, this is Angkor Wat, not Los Angeles, but I'd have taken even a fraction of this kind of majesty, you know...?
Sunrise: okay, this is Angkor Wat, not Los Angeles, but I’d have taken even a fraction of this kind of majesty, you know…?

So I donned some polar fleece and stepped out onto the stone patio, where I was immediately greeted by the sight of my old friend, the constellation Orion, sparkling up above.  Quick digression here: Orion was the very first constellation I was ever taught to recognize as a youngster, so he remains a personal favorite, and as a devout Scorpio, I also feel a connection to The Mighty Hunter…  You see, in Greek Mythology, Orion and a huge Scorpion proved to each serve as the other’s doom, the Hunter’s club and the Scorpion’s poisonous stinger both landing on-target simultaneously when they had their fateful encounter.  Zeus, the King of the Olympians, to soothe the sorrow of his dear daughter, Artemis, who loved Orion as a sort of Soul-Friend and Comrade-in-Arms, hung both Orion and the Scorpion in the nighttime sky, that they might be remembered forever, the former gracing us in the wintertime, and the latter in the summer, each chasing the other around the arc of the heavens for all eternity…

All of which is to say that seeing Orion glittering away up there in such refined fashion — my first glimpse of him this year! — was like answering an unexpected chime of the doorbell at some ungodly hour, and finding a dear friend standing on my doorstep!

Orion in the sky: Johannes Hevelius gets it done for us in this work from his Celestial Catalogue, circa 1690...
Orion in the sky: Johannes Hevelius gets it done for us in this work from his Celestial Catalogue, circa 1690…

Anyway, after greeting Orion, I looked up…and saw an extremely bright point of light almost directly overhead…a point of light that did not twinkle, as stars always do.  This told me I was looking at a planet.  Now, I should say that as my passion for Astrology grows, I’m of necessity learning bits of data from the field of Astronomy, as well, but I remain kind of a rank amateur in my knowledge there as of yet.  In other words…I had no clue which planet I was looking at.  I know that Venus can and will at various times serve as both our Evening Star and our Dawn Star, so it occurred to me that this was possibly Our Fair Lady up there, although I had my doubts — for some reason, I had this nagging suspicion that Venus is only doing evening duty around this time of year.  But that left me with…well, I can name plenty of other planets, but I’m going to have to turn to total guesswork when it comes to stating which ones might appear overhead when and where,  and I really wasn’t about to climb down the ladder, fire up my computer, hit the internet to research out which heavenly body I was ogling, and then re-ascend — a strep-stricken guy can only do so much in the stark fields of time that separate night from morning…

So I finished breathing in the wind and the sky, the trees and the stars, and when dawn still showed no signs whatsoever of making her entrance, I packed it in, went downstairs, got maybe another half-hour of sleep, and then went through the whole tossing/turning/etc. process for a while again.  And then when I did hit the internet…turns out it was big, brawny Jupiter I was looking at up there, super-bright and bountiful.

And since this post is spiraling out of all control already now, length-wise, let me try to rein it in and wrap it up:

I’ve been posting recently about Locational Astrology — this offers us information as to which parts of the world may have which effects on us should we visit them, based on the times and places of our birth.  As I’ve become a new enthusiast here, I’ve been daydreaming about traveling to some of the more intense Power-Points for myself that exist around the globe.

In Astrology, the Planet Jupiter represents things like expansion, optimism, growth, generosity, abundance.  Where it appears in your birth chart can signify where you might be especially lucky in life, and where you might discover more joy and success than sheer probabilities might account for.

My own natal Jupiter appears in my Ninth House…and the Ninth House is known as “The House of Long Journeys.”  This refers to long journeys of both a figurative nature (studying “big” and “deep” fields such as philosophy and religion, for instance) and long journeys of a literal nature: actual, physical voyages to far-off places.

So to my fevered brain, it seemed very possible that making the unusual decision to go for a rooftop jaunt in the pre-dawn cold and dark, and seeing kindly Jupiter up there — and especially as I had no clue that Jupiter is even visible to us in this locale at this time of year, and catching a glimpse was certainly not a part of my conscious intent — well, it seemed like yet another sign that there might be even more to this Locational Astrology thing than I’ve been thinking!  Of course, I need to put down the strep bug with some authority and finality before I can even really leave the house, much less the state, country, or continent, but I’m thinking I might have good old Jupiter in my corner, helping me out…  Jupiter!!!!


    • Thank you!

      And no, it was thoroughly un-brief, I know! It got away from me… Then again, it was about Jupiter, and whatever Jupiter touches, it expands, so…kind of appropriate in this case. 😉

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