I haven’t been shy about discussing my birthday of late, it seems.  This isn’t due to rampant egocentrism, and it’s also not meant as a huge scattering of hints that everyone should begin shopping now for when the big event next rolls around again, toward the homestretch of 2014 — it’s just been coming up in terms of the digits of it popping up in recent days…

See, as with anyone’s birthday, there’s a precise sequence of numbers that comprises the date, and I’ve been spotting that precise sequence all around in my environment a bit more than usual in the last few weeks.  Now, to be fair, I’m always on the lookout for said sequence, so it’s not like I’m not constantly primed to spot it.  As I’m a US citizen, born and raised in the States, I’ve been kind of programmed to use the US convention of placing the month before the day when we use numerical shorthand for dates, even though much of the rest of the world handles this in the reverse order (i.e., day, then month).  Maybe someday we’ll concede that it might be gracious to get on the same page as everybody else , and we’ll change (although we have yet to even fully embrace the metric system, so I’m not exactly advising anyone to draw in their deepest breath now and hold it until the ink is dry on that date-writing thing’s adoption resolution…).  But what I’m getting at is that to write my birthday in the US fashion — that’s October 28th for those of you who somehow don’t already have this marked on your calendars, etched into your walls, or tattooed onto your foreheads — it looks like this: 10/28.

So, for instance, here’s how my car’s odometer greeted me about a week and a half ago when I slid in behind the wheel:

See the 10/28 right there in the middle, flanked by a 1 on either side??
See the 10/28 right there in the middle, flanked by a 1 on either side??

But beyond just seeking out occurrences in which my actual, exact birthday number sequence tumbles out of the world unexpectedly at me, I also look for what might be called anagrams of that sequence — I say “might be called,” since as far as I know, a true anagram is what you get when you mix up the letters of a word to arrive at a new word (for example, “dare” is an anagram of “read”)…I’m not sure, though, if anagram is the proper term to apply when you’re doing the same thing with numbers.  Let’s say for the sake of argument, though, that here in my own humble blog, it is.  With that in mind, I do also get a small charge out of instances when anagrams of my birthday digits appear.  Since I have a zero in my birthday, I’ve always granted myself dispensation to add a “silent and invisible leading zero” to numbers where necessary, in order to achieve new sightings of my anagram-birthday: that is, if I’m in a hotel, say, and they assign me to Room 218, I’ll view it as Room 0218, and celebrate accordingly.

You see the "silent and invisible 0" there at the front of the room number, right...?
You do see the “silent and invisible zero” there at the front of the room number, right…?

And so what prompted all of this is the fact that today is December 8th…or as we’d write it here in the States, 12/08…an anagram for 10/28.  I’m regarding it as one of my “anagram-birthdays!”

If you don’t actually engage in this or any similar practice — a friend of mine uses the alternative method of seeking out the street address number of the house in which she grew up, instead of casting about for her birthday digits, which also works — you might consider it.  Seeing a personal number out there is kind of like getting a quick thumbs-up or an encouraging pat on the back from the Universe every time, and really…who couldn’t use more of that in their days…??

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    1. Yes, thanks! I’ve been working my way through an Astrology book lately, and the author says several times that each of us carries our true self inside of us in much the same fashion that an acorn carries within itself an eventual oak — I find myself liking that view a lot!

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