Unless you’re somehow blessed beyond all laws of probability, then you’ve experienced that phenomenon in which some computer-related piece of equipment of yours — desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, modem, router, robot housekeeper, etc., etc., etc. — fails to function properly, but then you power it off and then back on (i.e., you reboot the thing), and then it somehow, magically, works just smashingly well again.  That sounds totally familiar, doesn’t it?  In fact, you may have already had to play out some variation on that theme one or more times even just today alone…

Here’s a thought along similar lines: what if we humans are similar enough in the requisite ways that we, ourselves, might benefit from the occasional reboot…?  We do derive a lot of our own functionality from the flow of electricity, after all: our brains might be described as electrical systems that just happen to be housed in biological rather than technological environments.  So isn’t it then possible that we — like our computers and computer-related products — might occasionally lapse into the realm of the ongoing misfire, such that we could use a good, swift reboot?

Could we each not possibly benefit from the occasional press of the reboot button...?
Could we each not possibly benefit from the occasional press of the reboot button…?

And if we agree to say here for the sake of argument that we could indeed use the periodic reboot…how do we know when that might be, and maybe even more critically, how would we go about pressing whatever invisible/intangible reboot buttons we might come equipped with in this life, in these bodies…?

The first part: how do we know when to reboot?  This could likely be any time we feel distressed, or out of sorts in some way, yet without finding any specific stimulus to which we can tie these feelings of disenchantment.  Obviously, if somebody does us wrong in some way, then negative feelings in response to that wrongdoing are quite arguably not indicators of any kind of malfunction — they’re just us responding in ways that are quite probably pretty justified.  But then we’ve all experienced also those random, seemingly baseless kinds of bad moods that can roll across our psyches like dark fronts of inclement weather, ruining our days…and while these might be accounted for as being reactions to true causes that we’re simply not consciously recognizing, couldn’t they also represent something more like an actual fizzling out of proper connections and energy flow within our brains or our minds (brains and minds being related but not quite interchangeable things)…?

The second part: again, for the sake of argument, assuming that some of our more negative moods and feelings can, in fact, be properly tagged as instances of us sort of “going off-line,” then how would we effect a proper reboot…?  Here, you actually have a ton of options, although which ones work for you will not always be the same as which ones work for your friends, neighbors, family members, or gurus.  Just as a quick, top-of-the-head scattering of ideas, though, how about: exercise, a good nap, a jolt of adrenaline via whatever thrill-ride appeals, meditation, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, energy healing, chiropractic adjustment, foot reflexology…or maybe sound.

Listen to this!
Listen to this!

Sound therapy can be incredibly effective in snapping you out of anger or doldrums — any music-lover can wax rhapsodic about the mood-altering and restorative power of music, for example.  But music is only one possibility.  I’ve written before about the curative mojo that can be found in things such as tuning forks and singing bowls, and we all know about the uses of ultrasound.  Sound is waves, and waves have physical effect.  They may also have more metaphysical effect, too, depending on your own outlook…

My outlook is that as the end of the current year and the beginning of the new one approach, I’m treating myself to a reboot of sorts, and it will come via sound: I’m taking a drive next week out toward Joshua Tree National Park to attend a “Sound Bath” session at a facility called The Integratron…

The Integratron!!
The Integratron!!

What, you may be wondering, is an “Integratron,” exactly?  From their own website: “This historical structure is a resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.”  Put more simply, it’s a big sonic chamber in which visitors sit and trance out as they’re cradled in sound waves intense enough to be felt as well as heard.  People flock here from all parts of the globe, and some have even been married inside this structure.  It’s said to be a very special place, bestowing alterations of consciousness on those who climb aboard for a spin.  Everyone I know who’s ever attended a Sound Bath there has spoken in glowing terms about it, and I decided that I was due to check it out.  I’ll be undergoing this unique sort of “sonic reboot” one week from tomorrow, impressions possibly landing in this space soon thereafter…

Meanwhile…do you have plans for a reboot of your own?  If so, what are they?  If not…maybe the idea merits some consideration…?

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    1. Thank you! I’m not exactly ailing or anything, but I am looking forward to the whole experience…and will likely share some reactions to it all right here after I get back…

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