1-2-3, Go!!

Just a quick post here today, but maybe a worthy one…

If you adhere to — or can at least accept the existence of — the American way of writing out dates, you’ll see that for us here in the US, today is kind of an interesting date.  January 23 is written out here in numeric form as 1/23.  Or if you want to look at it in a slightly different fashion, it might be taken more as this sequence of numbers: 1-2-3.

This strikes me as having a lot of power.  We repeat this particular sequence throughout our lives, and it pops up all across our society, all the time.  Little children cling to it like a lifeline when first learning the basics of numbers (it’s the numbers equivalent of our alphabet’s A-B-C).  Parents invoke it warningly when their young ones aren’t being quick enough to comply with some request or other (“Alright, I’m going to count to three…1…2…”).  We use it to synchronize actions by more than one person, just like people in a race will use the “Ready, Set, Go!” sequence (for instance: “Okay, We have to cut the wires at the same time, or the bomb will go off, so you do the white one, and I’ll do the red one, on three…  Ready?  1…2…3!”).

1-2-3 is the beginning of things, and it’s the commencement of action.  It’s exciting, and it brings change and advancement.  1-2-3 is the trigger, the launch, the galvanizing force…


So the point of all this is that if today (1/23) can be seen as being especially in tune with that spirit of “1-2-3,” then maybe even more than other days, this one will be especially well-suited for launching ourselves into something.  And maybe that’s something new, something that’s maybe even a bit scary for us…but then again, the simple act of counting off those three beats before taking the plunge serves to bolster our courage and psych us up for action.  1-2-3 incites and it excites.  It’s the clarion call that electrifies and catapults us.

What can you possibly launch into today?  Think it over, and I’ll even be here helping you to count off when you’re ready…


    • Wow, thanks, Dad, I’d totally forgotten about that song! And to be honest, I never actually knew who performed it. You’re right, though, it’s super-catchy — great call! Totally appropriate for 1/23…

    • Hi, Sharon — thanks for writing. I’m happy that you enjoyed today’s 1-2-3 post! I went to look at your own blog-post for the day, but I seem to be having trouble finding anything beyond your “Home” and “About” pages…am I doing it wrong…? Sorry for any cluelessness on my part!

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