“Scotty, beam me up…”

I’ve written here before about how sometimes overlooked, but how very powerful twilight time can be.  Twilight, in this context, means that sort of in-between state that separates full day from full night, generally occurring just before sunrise and just after sunset.  It’s a fleeting phase, and can be seen as largely transitional, but it also carries its own identity.  Twilight time is marked by a sort of half-light: too dim to be wearing sunglasses, but too bright for flashlights.  Those driving at twilight have to ask themselves if it’s time yet to switch those headlights on or off, and lights set to timer switches will generally be triggered during twilight, so as to shuttle over to the opposite setting from where they’d been fixed for the last eight to twelve hours.  Animals migrate for the coming day or night at twilight, preparing to settle in or rouse themselves for the next stretch of hours…

And as I was standing on the roof of my house a few nights ago, watching the sun go down, quietly basking in the warm glow of the dusk-flavored variety of twilight, it occurred to me that there’s a pretty slick analogy we can draw between day and night on the one hand, and our own waking and sleeping states on the other…  The major thought here is that just as we have two intervals of twilight time separating day from night, and then night from day, we also have a similar interval separating wakefulness from sleep, and sleep from wakefulness.  That interval…is that brief phase during which we’re lying in bed, either waiting to fall asleep or waiting to fully wake up.

Philip IV of France shows us that even Royalty must travel from the waking state to the sleep state, and back again...and our bed is where most of us make the journey from the one to the other.
Philip IV of France shows us that even Royalty must travel from the waking state to the sleep state, and back again…and our bed is where most of us make the journey from the one to the other.

So if we think of the waking state and the sleep state as these two sort of psychic landscapes that we inhabit, then the “twilight” interval between them — that lying-in-bed phase in which we’re waiting to fall asleep or to significantly come awake — can be viewed as a journey of sorts.  We’re essentially making a voyage from one realm to another very different one.

Which brings me to the title of this post: it further occurred to me that we can envision this brief but tremendously powerful transitional state as akin to issuing a request to the Star Trek transporter room, so as to either get beamed down to some external destination, or to be brought back to the ship from same.  And when the crew members of the USS Enterprise make use of their advanced transport technology, they never do so without respecting the gravity of the undertaking, and they always make plans and preparations for transport to the greatest extent possible.  No one beams up or down lightly, and no one goes joyriding via transporter beam, or jaunting around carelessly or at random.  There are grave consequences if the technology is misused, and the results can be exceedingly dire.  If engaged properly, however, the transporter beam can serve as a ticket to almost unimaginably profound experiences…

The transporter room's fabulous machinery in action -- isn't this pretty much what we do with our consciousness every time we fall asleep or wake up...?
The transporter room’s fabulous machinery in action — isn’t this pretty much what we do with our consciousness every time we fall asleep or wake up…?

The question then presents itself: if falling asleep or waking up is like riding a transporter beam…then shouldn’t we likewise make preparations for the psychic journey at hand, and set our intentions?

In the field of hypnosis, it’s held that the real work we can do on and for ourselves…occurs during exactly that transitional, twilight state that lies between full wakefulness and full sleep.  This is why hypnotists help their clients to enter trance states before instilling suggestions into the subconscious minds of these clients…this is why hypnotists will record suggestions so that the clients can play them at night when they’ve climbed into bed, ready to drift off to sleep.  The idea is that suggestions received in this threshold state will take root, and the subconscious mind — which many metaphysicians insist is the part of us that can truly change ourselves and the world around us, and can work actual magic — will accept those suggestions, adopt them, and begin to manifest them.

So my point is that it might be a very wise practice to create a small but focused mental ritual of sorts that you can run through each night as you’re drifting off to sleep, and each morning as you’re first emerging from that same slumber.  The twilight mind isn’t as structured or orderly as our waking mind, nor as scattered and amorphous as our unconscious mind can be, so the most effective tactic might be to avoid involved phrases or complex chains of related thoughts.  Instead, maybe try to hold to a simple image.  What are you trying to manifest for yourself?

Do you want better health?  Then create a mental image of the healthy you that you want to be — see that healthy you from the outside, and feel what that healthy you feels like from the inside.  Be that you — feel it as if you’re already that version of yourself.  Invoke that mental image repeatedly each time you start to fall asleep or begin to wake up…  Or…do you want to be wealthier?  Envision the prosperous you that you want to be — conjure feelings of security, of generosity toward others, of the serenity that comes from knowing that all is being provided to you…  And you can do the same with respect to anything else you desire in life: love, luck, romance, achievement, skill, recognition, fame…  You may not necessarily succeed in manifesting these things in cartoonishly great degree, but if you work at this practice consistently, you may at the very least realize some definite gains in your areas of choice.

And the great thing is that you have the opportunity to plug away at this undertaking twice a day, every day (or more, if you’re one for naps…).  Gear up properly, positively, and proactively for this incredibly lush and magical interval, set your intentions, and then issue instructions to the transporter room — new frontiers await!

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