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So I slipped badly in my consistency here as a faithful blogger, then returned to post about how I was back in the game…and then I immediately slipped badly again.  And sure, there have been some worthy distractions here (most of which I won’t bore you with), but I also do feel that I need to be keeping up a much more regular presence in this space.  And events of late here in my corner of Existence have been helping me to circle back in general, and they’ve also been providing pretty good fodder for posts, as well…so in the wake of last night’s Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse, the time feels right!

I figure I’ll start in a small-scale way for now, though, and then swim out toward deeper waters after I get warmed up again.  One of the things I’ve been diverting my energy toward in recent weeks has been the generation of what will be a series of posts for a different blog — one that’s run by someone I met on a Tarot-based website that I like to frequent.  The blog is called Jude’s Metaphysical World, and the owner of that blog — Jude, as you may have guessed — fills it with all manner of fascinating metaphysical work, including posts falling under the umbrellas of such broad topics as Tarot and Crystals.

Go check out Jude's righteous blog!
Go check out Jude’s righteous blog!

Jude’s site can be found here:

For my part in that blog, I’ve begun what will be a series on the Twelve Houses of Astrology.  I’m two posts in so far, and grinding away at #3 as I write this here update.  Please do head on over to Jude’s site to take a gander if you feel so inclined, and then take a tour through the other terrific information on display there — the articles on Crystals are especially packed with excellent information!!

And in coming posts here, I have more dreams to relate (I had yet another fantastic one featuring a Black Panther!), more instances of Synchronicity, more Animal Spirit musings, and some contemplation of the idea that Music and Drumming are either linked with what we think of as “Magic” or are possibly indistinguishable from that concept…  Stay tuned for more!

It's true: I made an appearance in this human's dream.  He wanted to share details immediately following, but he was too verklempt.  Not that unreasonable a response...
It’s true: I made an appearance in this human’s dream. He wanted to share details immediately following, but he was too verklempt. Not that unreasonable a response…

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