Panther Wishes and Casino Dreams…

As promised in yesterday’s post, I wanted to memorialize the most recent Panther-related dream that I was fortunate enough to be treated to — this one went down maybe a bit over a week ago now.  I’ve written up a few of these already, including one that featured a winged Black Panther, and I’m still deeply gratified at each new recurrence of this particular dream imagery…

All these dreams...I'm starting to wonder if it's not so much me dreaming of Black Panthers, as maybe it's the other way around...?
All these dreams…I’m starting to wonder if it’s not so much me dreaming of Black Panthers, as maybe it’s the other way around…?

In this latest dream, I was arriving as one of a new small wave of visitors to some kind of casino — the kind where you not only gamble and gorge yourself at buffets, but you also book a room and spend a night or two in-house.  I was aware that my fellow arrivals and I were each toting or dragging various pieces of luggage, and we were being received by a casino employee, who was giving us some kind of standard welcome shpiel.  This mundane, canned intro speech suddenly seemed a bit other-than-standard, though, when the casino employee informed us that oh, yes, right, this particular floor of the casino that we were on was home to two very large Black Panthers and a Tiger, all of whom roamed the hallways pretty much free and at their pleasure at all times.  And not to worry, the grinning employee continued — the Big Cats were all exceedingly friendly and well-behaved, probably even more so than most of the human guests (ha ha: nervous chuckles all around…).

Anyway, I was still digesting this odd bit of information, when one of those Black Panthers appeared from out of the milling crowds…and it almost immediately oriented on me, and ambled over, not hurriedly or with any active menace about it, but I had definitely been singled out as the object of its focus.  I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation as the magnificent, but also gracefully fearsome and downright HUGE feline creature approached…

Imagine this great beast if it was so large/tall that its head was about even with the bottom of your ribcage when both of you were standing upright -- *that's* what came over to greet me in my dream...
Imagine this great beast if it was so large/tall that its head was about even with the bottom of your ribcage when both of you were standing upright — *that’s* what came over to greet me in my dream…

And then when this semi-enormous Cat reached me, it sort of gently butted me with its head such that I was impelled to seat myself in a large plush chair immediately beside me, and then as the casino employee geared up to resume with the welcome speech, the Panther sat down on the floor next to the chair, and very comfortably and with an air of great familiarity, took my left forearm into its mouth…and just held it there, in this very warm, sweet, companionable way.  It was like the Cat was telling the Universe, “I choose this human.  He has my protection.  We’re now officially bonded.”  It was kind of amazing.

Then, as the welcome tour continued, the Panther would release my arm so we could all walk along with the casino employee, but every time we paused, the Panther would again nudge me to sit down so it could resume holding my wrist or forearm carefully and lovingly in its mouth…

And after a few repetitions of this, I awoke, feeling kind of oddly blessed, and sort of like I imagine a Chosen One in a movie must feel.

I’m not sure why the casino backdrop.  Certainly Siegried & Roy proved to us in tragic fashion that Big Cats and casinos don’t always blend well together, so a case could be made that the dream holds an element of warning.  Then again, Roy was mauled by a White Tiger, not a Black Panther, and none of that incident had actually run through my conscious mind in ages at the juncture when I had the dream.  More likely to me is the notion that the casino represents the world at large: vast, frenetic, clamorous, filled with hordes of distractions and possible dangers…but then the Black Panther seems to be a very clear indicator of a protective Spirit of sorts, asserting its presence, and its willingness to watch over me.  Dreaming that dream was an overwhelmingly positive experience, that’s for sure…

And I also found in the past that whenever I would start to document my dreams here in this space, subsequent night-visions would start to grow more vivid and involved in the time that followed, and I began to remember more and more of their details.  These are more good reasons to record them, and I encourage anyone reading this to try the same exercise.  We spend nearly half our lives in the sleep state, so who’s to say that what happens to us there is any less “real” than what we experience in the waking world…?  With all that in mind…what have you dreamed up for yourself lately…??

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  1. I “stumbled” (?) upon your “Panther Wishes” and immediately honed in on your message. I believe God allows these experiences for very specific reasons – for messages, or warnings… (Not dissimilar from your thoughts, albeit in a slightly different vein). When I had read your other “Panther” posts, I noted you had an actual encounter. What drew me to your first post on “PW” was the fact of my encounter – I’m leaving a link to this post – if you care to read it:

    1. Wow, Marion, that’s an amazing encounter you had there! I’ve never heard of infrasounds before, but it’s an intriguing concept. Have you studied up on Panther symbolism, by any chance? The animal might have real significance for you, as I believe it does for me. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m very impressed with your sighting/meeting in the mist…

  2. Actually – the electromagnetic field that surrounds all animals (& all living things?) may be the culprit (rather than a produced “infrasound”) – as, I’m not exactly sure that the Panther was especially concerned about me. This electromagnetic field is unusually powerful with creatures who have densely packed muscle mass and great strength and/or broad aura fields encompassing a large area surrounding their presence.

    I haven’t done much study on this. However, there is allegedly an encounter with such a creature/being, which is anecdotal at best, yet is cause enough to pause and ponder. I had to reprint this story on another of my Blog Sites (in that the original link had deteriorated). So, I left a new “link” for anyone to follow, if they wish.

    To respond to your other comment, as to the significance of such an encounter, and whether or not this animal holds any special meaning in my life – I would have to say, that I would not discount the thought. I do not believe in coincidence – though King Solomon did say, in Ecclesiastes, “Time and chance happens to all men.” Nevertheless, that may be true concerning the mundane, but it is probably not true with those extraordinary events. In my past life – before my enlightenment “day” started, I purchased a book on “dreams” – which could be related to unusual experiences, as well.

    Though I studied about dreams, some of the deeper meanings eluded me. I have a different perspective on this today. I am curious however, as to what you know about the Panther – either symbolic, or otherwise – do you have the answer? Or yet more questions? I welcome your thoughts. God bless

    1. It would take me at least one post, if not more, to write up my take on what the Black Panther means as a symbol (and for you, your own personal responses to it would be of enormous importance, too). I may have to consider doing such a post now, but for the time being, you can get some basics here:

      I don’t agree with everything in that write-up — I’d associate the Black Panther far more with the Moon and the nighttime than with the Sun, for example — but the woman who created that site often has some interesting Animal Symbol food for thought in her entries.

      I’d say it’s also important to think about the fact that what we refer to as a Black Panther isn’t its own separate species at all — it’s either a Leopard or a Jaguar born with a genetic condition called melanism. The result is that the fur still bears those dark spots or rosettes, but then the fur that would usually be much lighter and sort of golden in a non-melanistic specimen, also turns out black (you can usually still see their spots/rosettes throughout that black fur in favorable light, as a mixture of black versus even darker black). The cool thing to think about is that the Black Panther is then like this rare and extra-stealthy creature within a species already known for pretty awe-inspiring stealth. Imagine taking a ninja, and then granting that ninja the ability to turn fully invisible!

      Another thing kind of tripping me out about your story is the fact that I can’t imagine there are too many Black Panthers in the part of the continent where you saw yours! Did you ever look into stories about it? Was there a local legend there about such a creature, or did one escape from a zoo…? And as super-cool and beautiful as they are…you’re probably pretty lucky it didn’t take too much notice of you!

      1. Thanks for the info on symbolism – I will run right over to that site for a visit. Also, to comment about the “type” of creature this is, I must 1st say that I knew about these features of the jaguar you stated, and 2nd, I’ve considered the rarity of such an animal in these neck of the woods (but not impossible – seeing that South America is a connected to North America). And 3rd, I’ve read statements such as this, “Some jaguars can also be found in the southwestern part of the United States, especially in Arizona. Jaguars were once found as far north as the Grand Canyon in the United States.”

        Exactly how accurate these statements are, I’ve never really checked out. Yet, there is one last theory we should consider, is that this creature I saw could have been a black puma (mountain lion) of which the yellow variety are common in this area. I’ve even heard of black African lions (I have no clue as to that accuracy).

        FINALLY, you really piqued my interest when you said “hybrid” – that is another area of study I’ve dabbled in & there are more to hybrids then first meets the eye, of which I have no time to discuss now. Thanks, my friend.

  3. Wikipedia also says that a couple of melanistic (black) bobcats were captured in Florida in the 20th C., so that’s another possibility, and also local to your sighting. I saw one of those in a zoo in San Francisco about 20 years ago: beautiful, although way smaller than, say, a Jaguar (which are rather large and very muscular!).

    Yes, hybrids are fascinating! Sometimes they seem to be blessed with the best of both “worlds,” and can be totally impressive and formidable. The wolf/dog hybrid that I believe I mentioned was just enormous (although it seemed for all the world to have a friendly disposition…not that I wasn’t okay with remaining 20 feet away from its claws and fangs the whole time…).

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