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I’ve always had a soft spot for animals.  In the last few years, though, I’ve become almost exponentially more infatuated by them.  I find a lot of meaning in each variety of animal: their vibe, their presence, their appearance, their folklore…  I’ve posted a fair amount here in the past about various animal sightings that I’ve experienced, both in real life, and when I encounter animals in my dreams.  Animals — and any other sets of symbols that resonate for you — can carry messages our way, is how I look at it…

And after that preamble, it should come as no surprise that I had a pretty sweet animal sighting today — a double-shot, in fact.

First, I should refresh everybody’s recollection about how I once theorized that the Red-Tailed Hawk might in fact be a sort of clan totem for my mom’s side of the family: https://arrowinflight.com/2013/11/12/clan-of-the-hawk/

So today, I stepped out onto the back patio just to get a sample of the weather.  My eyes were immediately drawn to a large shape perched high up in what’s pretty much the tallest tree that looms over the house from the hillside just above.  It was late afternoon, so it seemed too early for an owl to have been out and about, but that was my best initial guess.  Ravens were out of the question, as this bird was a color mixture of white and brown from what I could see, with no black in evidence.  I also know that the hawks that are so fond of nearby Griffith Park generally stick to that area — for whatever reasons, larger birds very rarely seem to like hanging out in the little valley where my house sits.  But then as I was trying to get a decent picture with my phone, the bird in question got camera-shy, hopped from its branch, revealed itself to be a fairly fearsome-looking Red-Tailed Hawk, and then it went skimming away across that valley that I mentioned.  I was about to pack it in and head inside, when I noticed something up in that same tree:

There was a second large bird there, more well-hidden among the leaves than the first one had been!  A mate, I presumed, and I tried for a picture again.  The spouse-bird was just as reluctant to be the subject of a nature pictorial as the first one had been, and this one, too, hopped from its branch, and then sped away.  Here’s what I snapped wildly as it dwindled from view:

I know, this is hardly a prize-winning photo in terms of clarity and such...hopefully the sheer coolness of the subject will score me some points with you!
I know, this is hardly a prize-winning photo in terms of clarity and such…hopefully the sheer coolness of the subject will score me some points with you!

Interestingly, this second hawk didn’t follow the aerial pathway of the first, and instead veered off toward the East rather than the North, where the first one had flown.  I guessed that they’d rendezvous later on, and I went on about my business, marveling that not one, but two Red-Tailed Hawks had not only ventured into our little valley, but had even been hanging out in one of the trees directly above my house, at super-close range…

Some things to consider, though: as mentioned up above, the Red-Tailed Hawk has come to possibly symbolize one side of my family for me.  It’s also regularly appeared near me — often repeatedly — whenever I’ve gone traveling in the last couple of years.  This all leads me to wonder if I’ll be enjoying experiences having to do with my mom’s side of the family and/or travel in the near-ish future…?  I can certainly keep WordPress assembled updated on all of that.  I do believe sightings like this can carry messages for us, though — it’s like drawing a Tarot card, in a way, except there’s no deck of cards involved, and we aren’t always aware that we’re asking the Universe questions at all.  Still, we often get data whether we consciously asked for it or not, and I make it my biz to always be trying to decipher that incoming info!

What animal-related or other symbol-sightings have lit up your receptors so far in these early days of 2015…?

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