Sojourn in the Rainforest…

I hope I packed enough sunscreen...
I hope I packed enough sunscreen…

A quick post here to let the internet know that tomorrow, I embark on a journey into the Peruvian jungle.  This trip certainly looks like it intends to put the “rain” in “rainforest,” as the accompanying weather forecast shows…

Having once spent at least a month or two in the Scouts as a child, though, I am vigorously prepared, and really looking forward to this adventure!  My traveling companions and I will be encountering the unfamiliar flora and fauna of the jungle environment, and it will be my first time in South America, and also my first time heading below the Equator — new experiences abound!

I wanted to post here so as to explain what will likely be an absence from the ‘web that will last until the end of the first week of May.  I don’t believe I’ll have much in the way of internet access between now and then, and so I won’t be able to post much (if at all) and won’t be able to accept any new requests for readings or Reiki sessions, until my return (although please feel free to lodge them in my inbox so I can discover them after I get back — I’ll be addressing the queue immediately after settling back in here!).

Meanwhile, I wish you all well, and I hope anyone who’s visited these pages has a terrific two weeks!!


    • Thanks so much, Cathy!! I feel like I still need to write some text about my Mexico trip this past Fall, but yes, I’ll hope to generate plenty of notes about my excursion into the jungle! Thanks for the kind wishes — talk to you when I get back!

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