5 Reasons to Love The Tower

Okay, this looks totally scary and thoroughly unpleasant -- what could be good about drawing this card??
Trump XVI: The Tower…  Okay, this looks totally scary and thoroughly unpleasant — what could be good about drawing this card??

The Tower is a symbol of a serious falsehood that’s existed in our lives for some significant amount of time, but which now finally seems poised to fall. In some cases, this Tower-structure may have been false from its very beginnings.  In others, the foundation of the Tower-structure may originally have been based in truth, but it’s since become false over time, as people and circumstances have evolved. Obviously, when any massive construct crashes to the ground, anyone in the vicinity is in for a frightening and potentially perilous interval, what with all the associated sound and fury, the choking dust, and the cascading tons of masonry… So what, then, could be so great about drawing the Tower card in a reading…?

Excellent question! Here’s your multipart answer…5 reasons to love The Tower:

Seriously, if this thing is about to topple, wouldn't you rather know beforehand than not know...??
Seriously, if this thing is about to topple anyway, wouldn’t you rather know beforehand than not know…??

1)  Damage Control. If you know that the Tower card predicts a collapse of some long-established structure in your life, you can take steps to minimize the potential trauma you might experience when that collapse occurs. Instead of feeling shocked and ambushed when your Tower suddenly crashes to the ground – as you probably would have, had you never drawn the Tower card – you can try to arrange for its planned and controlled demolition beforehand. You can alert people in the “hot zone” as to what’s about to happen, so that they can remove themselves to a safer distance until the danger has passed. You can try to arrange ahead of time for the carting away of the inevitable wreckage, so that regular life can resume more quickly in the wake of the Tower’s passing.  You can also have your metaphorical emergency care personnel on hand to deal with any unfortunate injuries. The Tower card may signify a tumultuous time ahead, but the advance notice that it provides can be immensely valuable in helping you to minimize any harmful fallout from that upheaval.

The inherent falsehood of the Tower can imprison and oppress us...isn't Truth infinitely more preferable?
The inherent falsehood of the Tower can imprison and oppress us…isn’t Truth infinitely more preferable?

2)  Greater Truth. By definition, the Tower is a structure representing some falsehood. Once it comes down, though, we’ve made room for Truth to occupy a much greater percentage of space in our lives. Once the Tower falls, we can that much more easily find our true selves, walk our true paths, and connect with those energies and entities that we truly need in our lives. It’s true that sometimes truth hurts…but it’s a cleansing kind of hurt, and one that’s far better for us in the long run than some deceitful untruth that leads us astray from where we actually need to be.

3)  Liberated Energy. It takes significant energy to maintain any structure, and such energy is made available once the Tower comes crumbling down. That maintenance is often not a negligible thing, either. Consider San Francisco’s fabled Golden Gate Bridge: the structure is so vast, that several dozen dedicated, full-time laborers work endlessly at repainting it, so as to prevent its distinctive hue from fading. Now imagine that comparable amounts of energy are being poured into false Tower structures everywhere in order to maintain them in similar fashion…and then imagine what could be done with all that energy if it were to be somehow set free and repurposed elsewhere…?

What lies beyond this thing...?  Don't know!!  Can't see!!
Obstruction: what lies beyond this thing…? Don’t know!! Can’t see!!

4)  Unobstructed View. A tower can be a grand phenomenon to behold…but it also tends to dominate one’s field of vision. It’s often difficult or even impossible to see what lies beyond the Tower. We might well be missing out on all kinds of interesting things dotting the landscape on the far side of it, simply because its vast bulk renders us totally oblivious to their existence. We also might remain unaware of various incoming forces making a beeline toward us from behind the Tower’s obscuring presence, and we therefore won’t have spent any time preparing for our encounters with them before they arrive. After the Tower falls, though, we’ll be able to see the entire vista before us without obstruction, taking in far more opportunities available to us, and becoming much more able to seize upon the ones that most appeal to us, while dodging the ones that don’t.

5)  Available Real Estate. Once we clear the rubble from the vast patch of ground where the Tower once stood, we’re left with a tract of soil we can cultivate in any number of ways. We can build a new and improved structure of our own, one that actually does serve our best interests. We can sow seeds, and bring forth some manner of metaphorical “garden” – this might mean devoting the newly available bandwidth in our lives to new studies, new hobbies, new adventures, new relationships – what do you want to coax forth into fertility in your life…? Or we can just leave the ground bare for a while, enjoying the view of the sky, and the caress of the gentle breezes that were once blocked by the Tower…

And there you have them: 5 reasons to love The Tower!!

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