5 Reasons to Love the Death Card

There's no getting around the fact that the Death card means business...and it's never a cheerful sort of business...
There’s no getting around the fact that the Death card means business…and it’s never a cheerful sort of business…

I wrote in an earlier post about the possible upsides of the Tower card, another of the more dour members of the Major Arcana, and both cards do deal with the uncomfortable subjects of change and loss. What makes the Death card an even tougher sell than the Tower, though, is the fact that at least in the Tower’s case, you’re looking at the downfall of some structure in your life that doesn’t serve you, and that now needs to come down if your best interests are going to be more fully realized. With the Death card, however, the thing that you’re about to lose may very well be something that is good for you, that is serving your best interests, and that you may in fact love dearly. So unless you’re Wednesday Addams, this is one tricky card to even like, much less love…

With all that in mind…what could possibly be good about drawing the dreaded Death card in a reading…? Challenge accepted! Here are your 5 reasons to love – or at least not 100% dread and despise – the Death card:

1)  Preparedness. As with the Tower card, whenever the Death card appears, we’re being given a chance to take stock of the people and things in our world, and to try to sense which of them might soon be leaving us. And even if we can’t identify exactly where the Death card’s energies will be making themselves felt, we can take steps to ready ourselves in general for the blow that we know will be headed our way. After this card hits the table, you may want to go ahead and finally resolve any unresolved situations in your life, and give voice to any feelings you’ve been suppressing – you’ll be much better off for having done so.

Death tends to put everything into proper perspective for us...
Death tends to put everything into proper perspective for us…

2)  Clarity. Death puts things into crystal-clear focus, and forces our priorities to all but arrange themselves… When held up against the dark mirror of Death, we can much more easily see which of the various elements that still populate our lives are truly important to us. Life is short, and our energies are finite…and the Death card helps us to perform a sort of existential triage, allocating our resources where they’ll undeniably do us the most good.

3)  Evolution. Loss is a fact of existence. We all have to face it throughout the courses of our lives, and that includes the extreme loss of Death. But no one can remain forever in a fantasy soap bubble world where nothing changes and no one ever dies – that would only lead to stagnation. Loss is difficult, but learning to deal with it in healthy fashion is an integral part of becoming a true adult. Pain can inspire some of our most profound periods of growth, and coping with Death can yield surges of powerful personal evolution.

4)  Gratitude. Our society greatly values the having of things…but the showing of gratitude once we do have them doesn’t seem to get stressed nearly as much. This is unfortunate, since an attitude of honest gratitude can often attract positive things into our lives. Each shocking reappearance of Death, however, provides a visceral refresher that nothing in life is permanent. We’re reminded to be grateful for all that we still have and consider precious.

Get busy living...or get busy dying...
Get busy living…or get busy dying…

5)  Catalyst. Once we have that immediate sense again of nothing in life being permanent, we often won’t just stop at feeling renewed gratitude for all the good things that are still left in our lives. We may quite possibly be spurred into further action by that realization, as well – compelled to make significant changes so that when Death eventually comes calling again, we’ll have something concrete to show for our time spent here on Earth. Death is a bringer of sorrow, but it can also provide tremendous impetus for us to get up off of the couch and achieve.

So, as promised, you’re probably still not in love with the Death card…but hopefully you do see that its grim appearance can also give rise to some positive developments – 5 different varieties of them, at the very least!

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