5 Reasons to Love the Moon Card

Behold the mystical Moon...
Behold the mystical Moon…

When I was still fairly new to the world of Tarot, I was shocked to learn that a great many fans of that world are apparently rather disturbed by the Moon card. This is one of my own very favorite cards – one of the ones that absolutely must strike me as beautiful or cool in some way if I’m going to truly embrace the deck that it’s a part of – and so it had never really occurred to me that people might somehow not like The Moon. I mean sure, at the grimmest end of the spectrum of this card’s possible meanings, The Moon can admittedly signify such difficult concepts as delusions, illusions, escapism, confusion, and even madness. But what about all the fine things lying at the brighter end of that same meaning-spectrum? These people who see The Moon as little more than an inciter of spine-tingles and goosebumps…how are they not landing first and firmest on the more positive aspects of the Moon card?

Maybe it would help my case if I were to break out some of these great, affirmative qualities that I see in The Moon that lead me to adore her as I do… Here, then, are 5 reasons for you to hurl yourself onto the bandwagon of loving the Moon card:

1)  Intuition. The Moon is a primary and profound symbol for human intuition. Our modern society very much prizes a purely rational and analytical thought process, while intuition often goes criminally under-valued. The Moon card, though, sometimes says that our own intuitive capacity is brimming with power at a given moment in time, and that it will serve us prodigiously well while that moment lasts. The Moon urges us to trust our intuition to lead us through darkness…

Here's a modern take on Trump XVIII, drawn from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight (copyright Lo Scarabeo)...
Here’s a modern take on Trump XVIII, drawn from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight (copyright Lo Scarabeo)…

2)  Imagination. Whereas the Sun clearly illuminates the bright and overt world of the conscious mind, the Moon is the bewitching light that shines in our more subtle realms…and one of those realms is that of the imagination. When we’re greeted by The Moon in a reading, this can be a sign that our imaginative powers are functioning at an exceptionally high level. We can harness our creativity and bring forth its expressions in the forms of artwork, music, and endless, innovative reworkings of almost anything inhabiting the rooms of our lives. The Moon helps us to create!

3)  Subconscious. In addition to the fields of imagination, the subconscious mind is another of the subtle realms symbolized by the Moon card. This is one of the primary areas of our psyches that people such as psychiatrists, hypnotists, and ceremonial magicians are always trying to reach, since the subconscious mind turns out to be one of the mightiest components of consciousness that we have. When we access it, we have terrific opportunities for dredging up buried memories and emotions that have been dragging us down…for connecting with abilities and “super-powers” we’ve been preventing ourselves from accessing for whatever various reasons…and for possibly even editing the world itself so as to be more to our liking! The Moon represents the gift of becoming more firmly acquainted with our own subconscious mind.

4)  Dreams. The third subtle realm referenced by the Moon card is the world of dreams. We make nightly forays to this world, even if we don’t always remember the journeys, and as with the subconscious mind, the dream-state plays host to a tremendous amount of our development. In this surreal non-space, we talk to ourselves in pure symbols far more than we use the linear, invented language of our waking selves, and it’s in our dreams where we can sometimes have our greatest learning experiences, and where we can stumble upon our most electrifying revelations. The Moon card can foretell periods of increased dream activity, and times when messages may be coming through to us as dream-state downloads, if we’ll only make the effort to listen for them and decode them.

A Moon card from the 15th Century -- a towering, spellbinding presence then, as it remains today.  The Moon never, ever loses its relevance!
A Moon card from the 15th Century — a towering, spellbinding presence then, as it remains today. The Moon never, ever loses its relevance!

5)  Psychic. The Moon is, by its nature, very receptive…and just as the Moon receives light from the Sun, so, too, do our minds sometimes receive direct transmissions of information from external sources. Our culture’s shorthand for this phenomenon is “psychic” input. If we can’t point to one of our five physical senses in a verifiable, science-y sort of way as the point of entry into our consciousness for some bit of data or knowledge, but we do know for sure that we’ve perceived something, then we’re in the arena of the psychic. When the Moon card appears in a reading, it’s often there to announce a rise in exactly this kind of experience…and unless you’re already awash in too much psychic input, this would seem like a welcome development!

It’s true that the Moon, our dear Lady Luna, has been the basis for somber words and concepts of ours such as “lunacy” and “lunatic,” and that we associate the Full Moon especially with mania, madness, and sharp rises in the local werewolf headcount. On the flip-side, though, the Moon stokes the subtle fires of our intuition, our psychic abilities, and any altered states of consciousness we might attain. As the mediator between bright light and total darkness, the Moon has seen things we haven’t even begun to dream of yet…so she therefore has the most amazing stories to share…

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Luna, in all her silvery glory...
Luna, in all her silvery glory…

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