What the Planets Mean in Astrology

Our happy Solar System family: what do these characters actually signify in the realm of Astrology??
Our happy Solar System family: what do these characters actually signify in the realm of Astrology??

Whenever I get into a conversation about Astrology with people who don’t have much regard for the field, I often bump into this misunderstanding about why we astrologically-minded types spend so much time and effort tracking the movements of the Planets.  Non-astrologers apparently assume we astrologers are convinced that cold, remote bodies of matter millions of miles away from us here on Earth somehow nevertheless exert influence upon us on a daily basis, bestowing occasional gifts and windfalls, or probably more commonly, bringing small bursts of ruination whenever those bodies appear to go into retrograde motion…

Astrology, however, does not hold that the Planets are somehow directly “doing” things to us.  There’s a subtle but definite distinction between that erroneous view, and what Astrology is actually saying about what the Planets mean in the grand scheme of things.  And I lay it all down for you in less than three minutes’ time in a new video clip!  Please take a look, and see if this explanation makes more sense to you than, “Like evil witches and wizards in a Tolkien tale, the Planets are doing stuff to us…”

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    1. Thanks, Deanna! I agree about the visual method being pretty powerful, and especially in this Digital Age of ours. People just plain like a video… I do have a few more visual ideas for clips in the works, too, so please do stay tuned…

    1. Thank you, la Reine de l’Air!! I’m with you on omni-interconnectedness, for sure. Thanks for the positive feedback here, too — I’m working away on my next video, and intend to make the arrival of fresh video content an ongoing phenomenon here at Arrow In Flight…

  1. Great blog and video. I’d be interested on hearing what you think about the The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved episode about Astrology on the History channel.

    1. Thanks, Nicholas! You know, I have to admit that I haven’t seen the episode you’re talking about here…but I’m now officially intrigued. I’ll have to watch it and then circle back with you to compare notes — thanks for the reference!

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