Places of Power

Welcome to Joshua Tree!
Welcome to Joshua Tree!

This past weekend, my dear friend, Vickie, and I made the drive from Los Angeles into the desert proper to visit Joshua Tree National Park.  Vickie is a fantastically talented Tarot reader, a prodigious metaphysical scholar, and one of the finest all-around people I know.

I'll open with a pair of Scorpions...(I'm the one on the right)...
I’ll open with a pair of Scorpions…(I’m the one on the right)…

Given our mutual love of the arcane, it was only natural that I should tell her about my first-ever trip to “JT,” in which I’d lamented to a different friend about how the various businesses along the highway seemed to have all manner of desert animal symbols adorning their signage and whatnot, except for a decided lack of the Scorpion.  As a card-carrying Scorpio, this was not sitting especially well with me…  But then almost immediately after I’d said that, this other friend and I had discovered this giant metal sculpture of a Scorpion that someone had made and set up permanently in a roadside spot near the inn where we were staying.  I started to think that something a bit beyond the normal was happening in this “Joshua Tree” locale I’d heard so much about…

So fast-forward about a year and a half, and Vickie and I hit JT for a fun weekend getaway jaunt…and as we were leaving yesterday, Vickie brought up the metal Scorpion.  I managed to find it again, and Vickie was kind enough to snap a couple of photos of me standing alongside my slightly rusty arachnoid friend.

Aries Aries!!  You're not seeing double: we found a metal representation of Vickie's Sun Sign to match the one we'd found of mine!
Aries Aries!! You’re not seeing double: we found a metal representation of Vickie’s Sun Sign to match the one we’d found of mine!

Then not two minutes later as we were preparing to roll out of town and head back to LA, guess what Joshua Tree offered up to us?  I’ll give you a clue: Vickie is an Aries…

Kind of uncanny!  Now, to be transparent here, it’s obvious that there’s some metalworking artisan in the area who cranks out some of these pieces, because there were a few others scattered around the area, as well — I did note a horse, a few dinosaurs, and a couple of free-form abstract metal shapes.  No other western Zodiac figures were on display, though…but will there be next time…?

See. I believe that places can have power.  This can happen in two ways, too: in one variation of this concept, a place has a lot of mojo no matter who goes there, no matter when, no matter what else is happening…and in the other variety of this, a place can have power for a specific person, even if no one else seems to get the same magical experiences out of it.  Given its reputation, I tend to suspect that Joshua Tree is the former, and it just has power, period.  I know I’m not alone in thinking that it’s a special site.  Maybe other people have even found huge metal renditions of their own Zodiac Sun Signs, too, and I, myself, just haven’t yet stumbled upon the big iron Crab or the enormous oxidizing Lion.  Then again, maybe the Zodiac thing is just for me and my close friends…  But anyway, the point is that Joshua Tree is one of those places in my own mental logbook that I’ve noted as having an almost eerily present (but benevolent) supernatural vibe about it (I’ve been privileged to add a few other such places to that logbook this past year, too, including Teotihuacan in Mexico and the Amazon Rainforest in Peru).

What do you think?  Do you believe places can have power?  If so, what are some of your own personal power-sites…?

Vickie (L) and Steve (R) giving Vickie's selfie-stick a workout in the desert -- greetings from Joshua Tree, where the power flows unceasingly...
Vickie (L) and Steve (R) giving Vickie’s selfie-stick a workout in the desert — greetings from Joshua Tree, where the power flows unceasingly…


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