A Journey toward the Rising Sun…

I have to apologize to followers of this blog for a recent decline in my apparent presence here.  I’m not big on airing too much of my personal biz here at AIF, but it might be wise of me to explain that I’ve been other-directed for a bit here because I’m now moving.  As in, relocating, residentially-speaking.  And it’s not just a jump across the district this time – this is some transcontinental action going on here!  

Moving is generally not something I consider fun, but it sure inspired me to be productive this past week…and I’m a bit awed to report that the pick-up phase is now complete! After several days of non-stop packing, purging belongings, and schlepping stuff over to Goodwill, I was ready for the movers this morning. Good thing, too, as they showed up early and worked like pack mules! 

 Now I’m sitting in that borrowed chair in the first photo, all by myself in an empty room, listening to the sounds outside of what will be just about my last LA traffic for a while (that’s one of the things I *won’t* miss about living here)…  

Then it’s one more night here, and I light out for the east coast tomorrow… 

One plus, though, is that I’ll be back at you here with renewed zeal and a fresh Atlantic vibe in just a few short days!  Tawk soon…

#Relocation #LifeChanges #EndOfAnEra #Existential #Bittersweet #Nostalgia

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