Tarot: The Shamanic Three Worlds Spread

This bite-sized spread may not send you off an actual shamanic journey, but it can help you to retrieve some of the same kinds of wisdom that such journeys often provide...
This bite-sized spread may not send you off on an actual shamanic journey, but it can help you to retrieve some of the same kinds of wisdom that such journeys often provide…

The shamanic mindset recognizes three worlds: the Lower, the Middle, and the Upper. This spread gives you some insight as to what messages you most need to receive from each one at this time.

1. Lower World – This World contains the forces of Nature: Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits, the Spirits of things like Winds, Rocks, Lakes and Rivers and Oceans, Mountains, and even the Earth itself. Ancestral Spirits also dwell in this world.

2. Middle World – This is the World we inhabit, but with a metaphysical overlay we don’t usually perceive in any conscious fashion. Shamanic practitioners travel this World to find lost items, to locate teachers, to better understand earthly systems, and to engage in remote viewing of distant places.

3. Upper World – This is the realm of the Celestial: the Higher Self, Deities, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and even Alien Beings. The Upper World is all about Higher Consciousness.

So, what in the Worlds do you need to know right now…?


    • I’ve tried it a couple of times now. Last night (when I took the accompanying picture), I first set out the crystals in a loose grid, lit the candles, and then tranced out for a while by playing my drum (I have a cool djembe here). When I felt right, I set the drum aside and drew my cards…and got amazing results! The World card jumped out while I was shuffling, and I got all Majors for the Three Worlds positions, too! It felt very positive, organic, and deep…

    • Where do I get the spreads that I post? They kind of suggest themselves to me at odd times when I’m not necessarily even trying to think up new spreads, and then I just flesh them out, take a quick picture of the layout, and put ’em online. I thought up a new one today while I was out running that I’ll probably post in the near future, actually…

      • Oh, sorry, my mistake… You can do the spread with any deck, but the one I have showing in the picture is called the Shaman Tarot. It’s distributed by the Italian publisher, Lo Scarabeo. You can order the deck directly from them via their website, or from Amazon, and a lot of metaphysical shops that sell Tarot decks should still carry it (it came out about five years ago). It shouldn’t be too hard to find, and it shouldn’t cost you more than any other deck that’s still in print.

      • Thanks, sounds like it will be easy to find. Theres another deck a friend had that I wish I could find. The pictures were so haunting and starkly real, like they had been photographed from someone’s astral dreamscapes. There was one of an evil magician in a black tophat and cloak trying to stop a womans spirit from escaping her body, and another one of Bast that was the best picture Ive ever seen of Her.

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