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Have you always wanted to learn Tarot, but felt too intimidated, or simply had no idea where to start?

Victoria Wilson (of Eternal Athena Tarot) and I have pooled our more than 30 years of combined Tarot experience, and put together the perfect starter kit for you.

This is the resource we both wish we would have found when we were taking our first halting steps into the world of Tarot! We aim to inform your learning process with the wisdom of Athena and the momentum of an Arrow In Flight…

The Tarot Toolkit includes:
•Ten weekly, 90-minute webinar sessions
•An extensive PDF workbook including a course outline, in-class exercises, and homework assignments designed to keep you engaged throughout the course and beyond
•Membership in the Tarot Toolkit Instagram group dedicated to support, encouragement, and community-building, as you further your Tarot skills and know-how
•FREE supplemental “cheat-sheets” and handouts summarizing more intermediate and advanced topics
•FREE list of Tarot and metaphysical resources
•Audio (MP3) and video files of the webinar sessions for you to keep and revisit long after the class is over
•Access to video replays of previous classes in The Tarot Toolkit YouTube group, in case you are unavailable to attend a live class

Classes will be held Jan. 17 – Mar. 20, 2016 on Sunday nights at 4 PM PST & 7 PM EST.

The enrollment fee is $120 USD. Students can pay in full, or we also offer a 3-installment payment plan option.

To sign up for this course, please visit the dedicated Tarot Toolkit page here on my site.
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6 thoughts on “The Tarot Toolkit

  1. Hi Steve, I’m prepping to teach some webinars/online courses and researching tech options. Can I ask what teleconference website or system you have chosen to use for this class?

    1. Hi, Julianne — thanks for the like! Regarding the teleconference issue, we’re leaning toward using GoToWebinar. There’s also a free service around called Join Me, but I haven’t had the chance to really investigate it yet to see if it’s a proper alternative or not. I need to do that soon, though. Have you already come across those in your own research?

      1. Thanks Steve. Yes I am familiar with both of them. In the past I’ve just done audio webinars, but like that Join Me (which I haven’t yet used) has a free video conference option too. I used GoToWebinar I long time, but will take a look at them again since I am sure it has been upgraded.
        Good luck with your class; it looks great! And thanks again, you have now motivated me to put more energy and time into developing my own!
        Happy Holidays!

      2. I can drop you a line at some point to let you know how the tech part of things is going, if you like. I’m not naturally tech-savvy, so this is a real adventure on top of the teaching part…but challenging ourselves is good!

        Thanks for the kind words! I’ll be interested to see your own offerings, too. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on your announcements to see what you cook up for 2016!

        And Happy Holidays to you, too! 🙂

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