The Tarot 10’s

IMG_3679I’ve been so focused lately on putting together the online Tarot course I’ll soon be co-teaching with the fabulous Vickie Wilson, of Eternal Athena Tarot, that I’ve been neglecting this space.  I’ve been running a series of posts on Instagram, though, and as a resolution for the New Year, will be doing my level best to funnel anything suitable that I post on IG through this blog-realm, as well.  So, hopefully better late than never, here’s the newest post in this series I’ve been doing there that focuses on the ways in which Major cards and Minor cards that share numbers will also share some general themes…

Majors tied to Minors by number, cont. To kick off the New Year, X (as in “10”) marks the spot! 🔟 In Tarot, the 10’s are about reaching a saturation point, and the need to therefore begin a whole new cycle. 🔟 The Wheel of Fortune (Major card X), is all about those cycles, and the realization that in this life, the only constant is change…and that certainly applies to matters of fortune! 🔟 The 10 of Wands presents a poor soul so loaded down with his burden of Wands that he can hardly trudge onward. He needs to recognize that this cycle has reached its conclusion, and he now needs to either make some drastic changes to his current situation, or start over again from scratch. 🔟 The 10 of Cups depicts happiness cultivated so successfully that it bursts forth from the adult individuals to begin a new octave on a generational scale. 🔟 The 10 of Swords is the grim portrait of a lost soul riddled with Sword-wounds, impaled face-down on the shore, his life receding like an ebbing tide. This is the end result that awaits when the mind becomes glutted with the sharpened blades of thoughts in the absence of kinder influences. 🔟 The 10 of Pentacles, much like the 10 of Cups, offers the image of wealth – this time worldly and financial rather than emotional – so abundant that one person no longer contains it, and that wealth now spirals outward to a new, generational frequency. 🔟 🔟Want to learn Tarot? Sign up for the Tarot Toolkit online course

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