Tarot: the Suit of Swords

SwordsThe Suit of Swords in Tarot is most often connected with the Element of Air, and with the mental plane of existence. It deals with symbols and language, communication and ideas, logic and intellect. Swords are the electrical impulses of the brain, slicing through reality at the speed of thought. It’s maybe not so surprising, then, that this is the most pitiless, most sorrowful Suit of them all…because isn’t it our minds that so often prove to be our undoing? This is the Suit of self-sabotage and second-guessing, of anxiety and insomnia. Then again, no symbols in Tarot are all-good or all-bad, and this is also the Suit of brainstorms and problem-solving…code-breaking and maze-running. This is where we decipher the secret patterns of the Universe, and wring meaning from the cosmos, where before we’d seen only an incomprehensible dazzle… ⚔

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