Tarot: the Suit of Pentacles

PentaclesIn Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles is associated with the Element of Earth, and it has to do with the physical layer of reality. Among its many concerns, you can find issues involving health and the body, career and finances, possessions, the home… This is the slowest-moving of the Suits, the most practical, and possibly the most obvious and mundane. It also asks us to find the profound lurking just beneath the surface of things that we may be tempted to write off as commonplace and unremarkable, such as our daily chores and errands. Pentacles concerns may take on extra significance in a society as focused on material wealth as ours seems to be. Then again, we undeniably exist in the tangible portion of reality, so we do need to cultivate our Pentacles awareness to some extent if we hope to lead balanced lives… 

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