Tarot Tip: Timing!

Tarot TimingOne area in which people sometimes have difficulty with Tarot is in determining the timing of the events being examined in a reading. There is a method, though, that uses the natures of the four Suits in order to extract some information about timing…

Basically, the Suits are ranked into a hierarchy based on their natural quickness factors.

Wands, representing Fire, are the fastest. Think about the speed on display when there’s a moment of ignition, when things explode or burst into flame, and the release of kinetic energy is tremendous.

Swords, as the Suit of Air, are the next fastest. Consider how Air is generally the thinnest and lightest medium on Earth through which solid beings and objects move.

Cups, signifying Water, are in third place. Water is much more difficult to move through than Air, due to its greater density. Remember what it’s like to sprint down the beach toward the sea, and how much you suddenly slow upon plunging into the surf.

Pentacles, as Earth, are the slowest. Solid matter is ponderous compared to liquid or gas or flame. The Queen of Pentacles even offers us a possible mnemonic device for remembering this…

Notice the rabbit all but hidden away in the lower right-hand corner of the card. Rabbits are ultra-quick little creatures, so fast they often serve us as living shorthand representations of the very concept of speed itself. But in the Suit of Pentacles, this rabbit is so slowed-down by its environment that it almost becomes a part of the inanimate background…

So you can experiment with assigning different units of time to each Suit. Maybe Wands can equal days, Swords can stand for weeks, Cups for months, and Pentacles for years. Whatever Suit you pull can then give some indication as to timing of the events being discussed…

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Tip: Timing!

  1. Mind. Blown. I’ve never even bothered actually using (or even investigating) tarot for timing. Rely on astrology for that. But I can so see the thinking behind it now. Food for thought! Thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Nikki! I’m glad you see some possible merit in this technique. I actually agree with you that Astrology is much more naturally geared toward answering questions about timing, but Tarot isn’t quite as hopeless there as its reputation would lead us to believe… 😉

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