The Arrow In Flight Spread

AIF spreadTarot Tip: You can make up your own spreads. You’re not required to stick to the Celtic Cross spread, for example, just because everyone else seems to use it.

You can create spreads to suit your needs, and they can be based on visual designs, symbols, themes…

Here’s one I cooked up to look at my year ahead when 2015 became 2016. It’s based on my username…

1 = The Arrow’s Shaft. Who I need to be this year, the archetype I most need to embody.
2 = The Arrowhead. What I need to do this year to most effectively evolve.
3 = The Bullseye. The target I need to be aiming for this year.
4-6 = Top of the Bow. Influences that will lift me up and keep my aim steady and true.
7-9 = Bottom of the Bow. Influences that will sour my aim: obstacles, distractions.

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2 thoughts on “The Arrow In Flight Spread

    1. Thanks, Katzi! I hope you like the results you get from this spread. I was saying elsewhere today (IG, probably…) that I actually got a really great New Year’s reading out of it, and I feel pretty certain it will work for others even when their usernames are not “Arrow In Flight”… 😉 Good luck with it!

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