Tarot Tip: What *Isn’t* There…?

Tarot - what isn't thereWhen you practice Tarot, you spend a tremendous amount of energy on examining what’s there in a reading: “What cards show up, and which of their meanings can apply in the context of this reading…?”

Take a look at this example reading… Let’s say it’s looking into a potential new romance.  Of the cards revealed so far, a lot of boxes get checked: we see a Major card, an Ace, several numbered cards, a Court Card.  We’ve got Wands, Swords, Pentacles…

But wait– look at what *isn’t* here.  We’re asking about romance, and so far, we haven’t turned up a single card drawn from the Suit of Cups.  And if any one Suit is the home base of romance, it’s Cups.  The lack of Cups may therefore not bode well at all for this relationship.  So here’s a case where the absence of something may be just as significant as the presences…

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