Tarot Tip: Point of View Characters

IMG_3831Tarot Tip: Point of View Characters.

You’re not under any obligation to read a card in the same fashion every time it comes up in a reading. One characteristic that can vary each time out of the gate is point of view. That is, which character in the card (if any) represents the subject of the reading, versus which ones stand for outside people or forces?

Say you’re reading for yourself… Are you the wealthy character handing out dough at the center of the 6 of Pentacles, or are you one of those less financially well-off types receiving it? Are you the cocky victor in the 5 of Swords, or one of the vanquished, humiliated parties slinking away along the beach? There are no necessarily right or wrong answers to these questions – you could be any of these figures at any time – and your answers may change from one reading to the next. And this is absolutely okay!

It’s best to cultivate your intuition here: which character feels most tied to you in this moment and context as you look at the card without second-guessing? You shouldn’t ever feel bound to cling to one constant interpretation over time. Allowing for your point-of-view character to shift across readings will expand the cards’ vocabularies tremendously.

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