Tarot Tip: Reading Space

IMG_3844Obviously, it’s not always possible to trick out a given area before you get busy with your cards. For example, if you’re reading for someone in a coffee shop, you can’t really violate local fire codes by setting up handfuls of candles and incense, and you can’t demand that the local populace shut its collective pie-hole for half an hour so that you can have the requisite ambience you desire.

But when you do have control over a space, it can be incredibly helpful to set the stage for a reading beforehand. Changing the atmosphere to signal to all involved that you’re entering into a window of time that’s removed from your usual mundane concerns can really help you to lock in to the reading, and to get that intuition blazing.

As mentioned, candles and incense are great aids, and you can also use crystals, feathers, essential oils, herbs, leaves, shells, bones, trinkets, figurines, masks, artifacts, pictures, arts and/or crafts – really, anything that helps you to feel more Tarot-attuned is “right,” and experimenting is beyond recommended. Try devoting a specific area to your readings, and then see if doing that and adding a few extra touches helps to tighten up your work.

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5 thoughts on “Tarot Tip: Reading Space

    1. I agree. I sometimes end up doing more casual readings elsewhere in the house (like, on the bed…), but the dedicated space always ends up feeling like it yields the keenest and most powerful results…

      1. Ha yes! I love cozying up for more casual reads in bed! This might sound strange but I feel like that gives the cards a different kind of vibe. Like they pick up dream energies or something and make the readings playful in that way 🙂

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