Tarot Tip:Lack of Humanity

IMG_3879Yesterday, I posted about how the RWS deck was noteworthy in part because it added scenes to the Minor cards.  Instead of a few Suit emblems bobbing in a sea of featureless white background, we finally had people and other beings actually doing things in these cards.  Granted, the Aces each feature only a celestial hand appearing in the frame, but all of the other Minors offer fully-developed characters.

Except for two: the 3 of Swords and the 8 of Wands.  So what might that decided lack of humanity say about the messages these cards represent?

The 3 of Swords is all about sorrow.  It’s what happens when we try to let the brain take charge in matters of the heart.  The results are often so painful that until a certain amount of healing can take place, there’s simply no bandwidth left available for additional human interaction.  Haven’t you been so heartbroken at some point in your life that other people were reduced to moving props in the background of your anguish, all bungling about and mouthing silent, unintelligible words at you, and getting in the way of your grieving…?

And the 8 of Wands concerns the concept of swiftness.  Things happen so quickly here that humans can’t even keep pace.  The best we can do is try to track the leading edge of progress as it hurtles past us and beyond, and hope we can find those rocketing Wand-missiles when they finally drop down out of the sky and crash to Earth.

The lack of humanity signals us that something extreme is happening in these cards.  Other people are swept out of the picture for a time, and it’s like these particular Minors have been set loose to wander an empty, echoing city.  Until such time as their effects can die down, these influences will be profound…

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