IMG_3898We got into a great bit of side-chatter in last night’s inaugural Tarot Toolkit session about initiations and initiatory rites: putting yourself through some kind of exacting ordeal so as to evolve and ascend. The Hanged Man always embodies this concept for me. In fact, in this deck, the equivalent card is even called “Sacrifice.” The idea is that – as Bruce Cockburn sang in his “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” – nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight (“Gotta kick at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight…”)…

TT banner Jan 2016


    • That’s really interesting, Jack! I’ve always been so tunnel-visioned on The Hanged Man as my go-to card for representing initiatory trials that I never looked too far beyond it. I can see why you’d think about Judgment as another possible embodiment of those concepts, though, now that you mention it. In fact, Death and The Devil might also both fit into this context (if you wanted to squint really hard at them, and not be too hardcore with your parameters…).

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