New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins

IMG_3912Getting a new deck is always exciting.  I don’t give in to the urge-to-buy at the drop of a hat anymore – not like I once did! – but whenever I can feel the pull of a deck that I know will have some real impact on me, I’ll still expand my collection with it.  When that happens, I like to mark the occasion of the acquisition with a bit of a ceremony whenever possible.  I find that this helps to quicken and deepen and sort of “activate” my connection to the new deck…plus, it can also yield up a first initial reading that feels incredibly profound!

So with that in mind, I finally set aside a small chunk of time for reading with this new (to me) deck that I just got – The Tarot of the Origins – and tried to work in a bit of meditation, too.  Tarot and trance go together like peanut butter and jelly, by the way…  With the wind howling outside, the candles going, and some stones, teeth, and arrowheads laid out, it was feeling all kinds of primordial in here…

And fair warning: I may be peppering this space with images of these cards for a while yet to come…


  1. I find that my most memorable and amazing readings tend to be the first ones I do with a new deck. Not to say that the following readings are not great, but the first ones tend to blow me away with their accuracy.

    • I think my own deepest readings happen when every now and then, I’ll have some urge to cook up a new spread, and I’ll hit upon an idea with a unifying theme, and the whole thing will come together in a way that feels remarkably profound at the time. The spreads don’t always last beyond that initial epiphany occasion, though…

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