Hierophant as Shaman…

IMG_3962My strongest aversion to any Tarot card has always come pouring out in response to The Hierophant. See, I never connected to any of the various religious leaders I met while growing up, and I had zero interest in someone like that telling me what I should be doing with my life. Years later, I found that The Hierophant pushed all of those same buttons for me, and I had a lot of trouble seeing the positives in that particular card. Only after I saw him recast in several other decks as a much less Pope-like figure, and more as one who functions non-denominationally as a pure channel for a general spiritual worldview, could I start to get behind him. A Hierophant who simply seeks to serve humanity as a devout go-between linking the Divine with the mundane is something I can not only accept…I can even celebrate it. Hierophant-as-Shaman, as we see in this example, scrubs away all of my knee-jerk, anti-religion reactions, and allows me to finally embrace the card as the kind of fully-rounded set of meanings that I’ve always seen in most of the rest of the cards in the deck…

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