One Method for Reading Playing Cards…

IMG_4008Did you know that some people read ordinary playing cards just like some of us read Tarot cards?  Maybe you’re even one of those people. Or maybe you’re like me, and you had no idea at first how someone might go about reading a plain old deck of plain old playing cards…

But then think about this: the Minor Arcana section of a Tarot deck is essentially a pack of regular old playing cards with a sort of “Princess” rank of Court Cards added alongside the King, the Queen, and the “Prince” level of the Jack.  Aside from that difference, you have Aces through 10’s, plus those royal Court Cards, a full set in each of four different Suits.  So playing cards and the Minors are all but identical, right?

Except we Tarot people have become used to the scenic Minors that were introduced in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and have since then been duplicated down through a million descendant decks.  But remember that until the RWS came along, the Minors looked a hell of a lot like playing cards…they just had different Suit names.

So if you want to try reading ordinary playing cards, just draw some correspondences.  The usual method is to see Wands as being equivalent to Clubs, Cups are tied to Hearts, Swords are like Spades, and Pentacles are the Tarot’s version of Diamonds.  Start pulling regular playing cards, and see if working with them by transferring in your stored meanings for the corresponding Tarot cards feels like a good method that’s giving positive results…

Oh, and not to totally leave out the Majors…  To represent his homies from that lofty level, look who managed to migrate his way into the regular playing card context, and who still exists somewhat outside the everyday fray as a sort of zero card there, too…a zero card that we call The Joker.  It’s The Fool!  That guy cannot be kept down…


    • It can definitely be a helpful way to work in a quick reading. I’m very visual, though, so I really prefer to go the full-on Tarot-with-scenic-Minors route, myself, whenever I can. Still, I thought it might be a good move to put this possibility out there in a post in case people might not be aware that it’s okay to use this method…

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